Your company’s marketing is reliant on technology

        Technology is an important piece in the puzzle and is significant to a smooth running marketing and IT infrastructure.
        Marketing doesn’t work efficiently if you don’t have the proper technology to support your initiatives.  The process needs to be effective, where the results can be organized in a post mortem – not slow and unorganized.

        There are three important factors to consider when dealing with marketing and technology:

        1: Does the technology you use actually simplify the marketing process?

        The last thing you want is have the technology you use to simplify your process only make things more complicated.
        Numerous software as a service (SaaS) providers offer beneficial solutions that include data, targeting, content analysis and analytics. It gets to be an inconvenience when you need to purchase 10 different licenses, open 10 different programs each day for your report and keep track of everything separately.

        This is why when shopping around for your next analytics software; make sure that along with it comes the function that can create reports, market segmentation and content analysis. With consolidation comes offering of solutions that fully integrate most aspects across digital channels and you want to be getting the most value for your dollar.

        This will only increase relevance of your reports and marketing. Due to the numerous options, it’s also acceptable to be aggressive in your search. Most likely, the option is somewhere out there and you will definitely benefit from having all of the content you need in a single place. Centralizing your resources into a single source will also cut down resource costs.

        2: Make sure marketing has the final say in the technology choice.

        With so many options, today more than ever consumer expectations are set high. This applies to you when searching for the right integrated software as well as your own clients. It’s crucial to ensure that your clients and prospects receive consistent and quick communication, as well as changes when your analytics reports say they’re not happy.

        If your internal technology organizational structure and IT team verdict is not consistent with your marketing team, the experience you deliver to your customers will not be winning. Your marketing team is the one who will be using the technology so they need to choose it themselves. Since they are held responsible for the brand’s connection with the consumer, it’s a must that no one is isolated from the technology-evaluation process. Empowering the marketing team to make these choices will result in fully understanding the value and options available, and will only make them appreciate the software.

        However, you might want to have your IT team take a quick glance before making the final decision to ensure that it is a reliable piece. For example, if the online software constantly experiences downtime – you might end up paying more in the long run!

        3. Provide technology training.  

        Not everyone is technology savvy, so it is important the team using it receives proper training. After all, what benefit does the software provider if no one knows how to use it?

        Providers often offer complimentary plans if you decide to go with their option, and other times you need to pay thousands to have someone explain it to you. Make sure you’re getting the best deal out there and keep this in mind when choosing your vendor. If there is a technology that perfectly fits into your puzzle piece that requires expensive training, think of it as an investment that will only help you grow.

        What software are you currently using in making your marketing life easier? Is it consolidated? What do you suggest?

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