When is it Time for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

        There’s a problem when software gets too good. Especially with suite packages like Microsoft Office, many of the functions of a business can become dependent upon software applications.

        So what’s wrong with that?

         Companies change. The whole idea is to grow and constantly generate new business. Problems arise in scaling the business to make sure its resources, particularly its people, have the processes and tools in place to continue to function efficiently as the company transforms.

         When the business is dependent on software and applications that have served it well for many years, management can miss the tipping point at which the old system no longer produces maximum efficiency.

        Customer Relationship Management

         Nowhere is the dependence on the old and failure to identify efficiency gaps greater than in CRM. And nowhere is it more costly.

         The nature of marketing and sales is rapidly changing. As the idea of one-to-one marketing continues to evolve, the importance of detailed, easily accessed and comprehensive customer data increases exponentially.

        Yet many mid-sized companies continue to track customers and customer interactions using Outlook and Excel.

         It’s called customer relationship management for a reason. More than maintaining a list of phone numbers and a record of the last call, companies need to engage customers in meaningful interactions, serve them beyond the norm and encourage their loyalty.

         But the benefits of software applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM go beyond customer service improvements and sales increases.

        • Improved Efficiency – When businesses make do by extending software into areas for which it was not originally designed, they lose sight of the fact that, not only are they wasting time making the software fit, developing work-arounds and changing their processes to suit the application (instead of vice-versa), they are robbing more important processes of resources and tools.
        • Discovered Resources – Similar to how the uses of MS Office expanded in a company as the company became more familiar with its functionality, so too will MS Dynamics reveal functionality beyond that for which it was adopted.

        In other words, Microsoft Dynamics helps businesses do things they did not realize they could do – and would never realize if they remained with their previous applications.

         Microsoft markets and sells Dynamics CRM through a network of resellers, like us, who can provide the specialized services needed for companies to realize the full potential of the applications. From consulting to rollout and training, Microsoft’s reselling partners are a good way for any business to determine when it’s time for MS Dynamics CRM and all the advantages it offers.

        Contact us today to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 can help you improve efficiency and productivity in your business!

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