What’s the buzz about SXSW?

        It seems that the SXSW (South by South West) conference is the hottest ticket in the world right now, and if you didn’t get an invite… do you know what you’re missing? For the past week the Twitter-verse is abuzz with newsfeeds and blogs about the Austin Texas event. What is going on behind closed doors that seems to be sweeping the social dialogue with such gusto? Technology trends. And SXSW has quickly emerged as the metaphoric stadium rock concert of the technology world.

        That’s the world we live in. Facebook isn’t a passing trend, 65% of all searches go through Google, Apple isn’t stopping at the iPad2, and face it… you can’t stop using Twitter! It’s becoming part of our vernacular: ‘Google it!’ ‘Friend me’ ‘I follow your Tweets’ ‘There’s an App for that’. Try to get through your day at the office without running into tech-lingo that has become a common idiom. So yes, it makes sense that the social networks and technology followers are amped up about this Conference like it’s the World Fair. Steve Jobs is the new Edison. Jim Balsillie is the new Tesla.

        Just as the World Fair did in the turn of the century (two centuries back!), SXSW and the like are giving inventors of new technology a direct forum to unveil their idea to the masses. It’s not a new concept by any means, but the ideas are ever-fresh and seemingly limitless!

        So guess what has emerged as one of the hot-trends of the conference this year.

        Virtualization – not so much a ‘trend’ but rather the future of home and business computing. Cloud computing or Cloud services and VPS are changing the way we utilize our technology resources. The need for virtualization is growing as the demand for faster speeds, less overhead costs and higher dependency on computers worldwide. Atum has been a leader in this technology for years and we have seen the spread of virtualization as it becomes both mainstream and common business practice.

        All that to say, it is getting easier, faster and more effective to ‘go virtual’… and it’s all the rage. Just ask the thousands who attended SXSW where virtualization was the table-topic of the week!

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