What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

        Whether you’re a long time user or have just started to learn about Microsoft Dynamics GP, the 2013 version offers significant functionality improvements that will improve your experience of the program.

        1. Choosing a Printer at the Print Function – Once you are ready to print a report, Dynamics 2013 lets you choose any printer that’s available on your network, after you click on Print. If you choose a printer other than the default printer, it will only be used for that print. The default printer remains the same and will be the printer used for your next print, unless you choose another.

        2. Security Enhancements – Microsoft has changed the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports window to allow you to make multiple changes at once. A new Change All select box option lets you set or change security settings simultaneously for every window in which a document appears, instead of needing to visit each window. You also now have the ability to password protect Microsoft Word documents that you generate in Dynamics GP.

        3. User Settings – User type and status information is now variable. You can choose between “Active”, “Inactive” and “Lesson” settings for user status; and between “Full” and “Limited” settings for user type. You can also monitor your user settings by clicking on the new “Summary” button.

        4. Set as Default View Option – Do you really like the sorting option you have selected in Advanced Lookup? Now you can save it as the default view so that when you return, your report will not revert to the standard sort.

        5. Customizable Home & Area Page – Everyone uses Microsoft Dynamics differently. For 2013, enhancements have been made to increase and improve the options you have for customizing the Home and Area pages to better suit your needs.

        6. Saved Batch Approval Information – Dynamics GP now saves more information so you can find out who approved General Ledger Batch changes and when they were approved.

        7. 64-bit Outlook Compatibility – GP 2010 made it much easier to email documents, but you still couldn’t do so using the 64-bit version of Outlook. GP 2013 takes care of the problem and works seamlessly with Outlook.

        8. Document Attach – Quickly link files to Items, Customers, Vendors, Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing transactions so you can easily review them as needed.

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