What Scares You Most About Cloud Hosting?

        It’s a spooky time of year. While many are zombie-watching, ghost-hunting or avoiding black cats, many business owners fear a spook that has been haunting them for years, like a dark fog over a graveyard. Business owners still shudder at the idea of… Cloud Hosting.

        Are YOU afraid of Cloud Hosting?

        Let’s see if we can shed some light on the mystery and illusion of ‘The Cloud’ by addressing some the biggest concerns.

        1. Where is ‘The Cloud’? This is a very good first question to ask your provider. Ask them where and how your information is being stored. Obviously, a 15 year old selling space on his server from his parents basement is not an ideal location for a Cloud. Make sure you are comfortable with the answer you get. Is it hosted locally? Is it hosted in a secure datacentre? Are you sharing the Cloud resources with other clients? The Cloud is everywhere, but location makes a big difference. Get the information, and sleep better at night.

        2. I don’t have the right team. We hear this a lot. Companies that don’t have a knowledgeable staff or IT department who can maintain and manage their new Cloud environment. Let’s put that concern to its grave 6 feet under. One of the main benefits of Cloud Computing is the option for virtual managed services. Atum provides managed packages that include full management services, everything from the migration/transition, installs, updates/upgrades, maintenance, monitoring, firewalls, backups and 24/7 support. Your IT team can focus on the projects that will build your business, not constant server or infrastructure maintenance.

        3. Am I ready for it? The Cloud is not just for the big, scary Enterprise crowd. You can start out small and scale your virtual requirements as they grow! Many of our clients experience the virtual freedom of a Cloud server environment at a Start-up level and easily increase their space requirement as their business takes flight! You may not need the same ‘big, scary’ package that our Enterprise level clients can afford, but you can still take advantage of class-leading performance and services  in the Atum Cloud at a low cost.

        4. Is it…Safe? Probably the #1 question we get asked. This is what scares business owners the MOST about the Cloud. They’ve heard horror stories of hacking, spamming, outages, failed backups and data destruction. Enough to give you the night-sweats. The Cloud nightmare is common, which is why it is gravely important to choose the right host. Ask about their datacentres (Are they redundant? What is their Tier level certification? Are they monitored 24/7?) Ask about the level of support – is your data alone at night? Is there a firewall to keep it safe? Find some customer reviews, make sure there are more good reviews than bad! Some hosts are responding to the lingering fears about security with increased protection and managed services… ask your host what they are doing to prevent a bump in the night!

        5. Is it a Trick or a Treat? That’s a Halloween-themed way of asking, is the Cloud really ‘all that?’. The main benefits of hosting your data in a Cloud environment are scalability, performance, and cost-savings. That 10 year old server in your server closet is going to need constant upgrading if your business grows. Do you have the resources to make sure your infrastructure keeps pace with your growth? That 10 year old server is NOT giving you enterprise level performance or security, in less you invest in a massive server overhaul (which you’ll have to do again once it reaches capacity). Face it, that 10 year old server is a money-pit, and a flat monthly rate will save you TONS  in the long run.

        There’s a reason why the Cloud has become such a hot topic – if the cost of a growing business with limited or out of date resources is driving you batty, find a better solution. Don’t let Cloud hosting scare you, Ask us about a Cloud solution that will revive your business today!


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