VPS Gives You a Fighting Chance!

        Let’s face it – when you’re a small fish in a big pond, there’s often a greater chance of getting eaten before you grow into the biggest fish. Metaphorically speaking. In reality, you face a LOT of obstacles when you’re a startup or small business, so how do you plan to compete?

        You don’t have the teams of marketing geniuses making a splash or buying Superbowl Ad slots. You don’t have offices in every corner of the country or a share of the market in Japan. You don’t even have a staff large enough to fill a baseball roster.

        Where can you make up ground? How can you possibly gain traction and build your business from the ground up?

        Entrepreneurs and small business owners are making it work by getting a competitive edge where they can in this environment.

        Atum offers ANY business the opportunity to play with the ‘Big Guys’. Use the same high performance and industry leading equipment, exclusive 24/7 access to IT professionals for support and consultation and hosting in a Tier 3 level datacentre at a fixed cost.

        The hardware costs, energy costs, staff expenses and infrastructure investment required for comparable value would be astronomical and out of reach for most small businesses. Virtualization and VPS solutions are making all of this possible at a low cost and high return.

        Eliminate the costs of hiring more staff to manage your IT, throw away your out of date servers in your broom closet and enjoy the freedom to grow as your data is hosted in a bombproof, 100% uptime guaranteed, state of the art datacentre and equipment.

        Size doesn’t matter… become a big fish faster by exploring how a VPS solution can give you a fighting chance!

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