Users Find New Features & Mobile Apps as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Rolls Out

        For those Dynamics CRM 2011 Online users who can’t wait to see CRM Online 2013, your patience should soon payoff, if you haven’t been upgraded already.

         According to, Microsoft’s program to upgrade all CRM Online users to the current 2013 are in full swing. And, based on an informal survey of those who have already gone through the transition, the upgrade program has gone very well with only the inevitable issues that surround any software changeover. Many end-users have been able to manage the upgrade themselves without assistance from service providers.

         Dynamics CRM 2013 Mobile Apps

         In addition to the rollout of the CRM 2013 online upgrade, Microsoft had begun the release of mobile apps, designed to compete with similar apps from Salesforce. While CRM was previously available on mobile through a browser, it was plagued by many of the problems that mobile users have with non-mobile sites, including some difficulty in using the interface on a smaller screen.

         According to, for customers with the right mobile platforms and operating systems, CRM mobile apps offer core functionality that allows users to create, update and delete certain CRM records, including Tasks, Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity.  Users also have the ability to set-up appointments, assign records to other users, search for records, attach images to records, create and update notes, or make phone calls from within CRM.

         Microsoft also gives its own mobile platforms a nod by adding certain apps that are only available on a Windows Phone, whose sales, while enjoying marked increases in the last year, have never come close to Android and iPhone levels, especially to business users.

         Microsoft recognized that more practical access to the CRM system from the mobile devices that customer reps would use while on the road was a necessary evolution and they have made it happen.

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