Trip to the iTech Summit Toronto

        Members from the Atum team attended the highly anticipated iTech Summit, right here in Toronto! All the movers and shakers in the technology and IT world were there, as either exhibitors/vendors or as attendees. It was definitely the place to be last week!

        And we were there…

        Atum team members at the iTech Summit Toronto

        Particularly in the corporate world, we are becoming more and more dependant and fascinated by the latest and greatest in technology advances. Your kids aren’t just messing around on Twitter anymore; your business is connecting with consumers and clients in new ways every day, and finding innovative tactics to help you stay ahead of the crowd. Technology is the influencer and the implement that expands our business horizons and ventures. That is why events such as iTech are so important and appealing to the current corporate market.

        Equally as compelling were the creative methods each vendor used to draw a crowd. The largest throngs gathered around the FREE giveaways (Tech Swag), the draws for techi gizmos and the food handouts (note: the smell of popcorn is impossible to walk-by!).

        Perhaps a favourite moment was the man vs machine show-down between the IBM Watson computer and its eager challengers. One of our Atum team members took the opportunity to contest the computer adversary in a heated game of wits. Ultimately, the Ken Jennings slayer took down the human rivals in an embarrassing display of knowledge… but what a treat for our in-house Jeopardy fans!

        Here’s a picture of the duel of intelligence between IBM Watson and Atum’s Marketing Coordinator Christine:

        The Mortal vs The Machine

        It wasn’t all just fun and folly – our team members sat in on some great speakers and topics relevant to our business. Conferences focused on everything from Avoiding a Virtual Stall, Desktop Virtualization, How to Avoid Pitfalls of ‘The Cloud’,  Backup and Recovery, and The Cost of Downtime to name a few. These are exactly the kind of services Atum offers – managing your servers virtually is definitely a cost-effective and efficient trend emerging in the corporate space.

        The Atum team enjoyed the chance to hob-nob with other industry players and see what’s new and on the horizon for every business from start-up to large enterprise! We are constantly staying current, and will make sure to keep you posted of any new trends as they come to light…

        Were you at iTech? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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