Top Concerns About The Cloud

        Recently, The Gartner report was released assessing the future of The Cloud industry. They are forecasting that by 2014, the market for Cloud services will be worth 148 Billion dollars worldwide! Increasing by 20% yearly, Cloud services is one of the fastest growing industries and there are no signs of slowing.

         In the report, Gartner also broke down the acceptance of The Cloud vs On-Site Management by progressive IT leadership – and the results were intriguing. In the categories of Economic value, agility, creativity & innovation, simplicity and social impact, the large majority preferred The Cloud. The only category where On Site management was deemed more favourable was the Risk & Trust factor.

        So, the Cloud is perceived and accepted as the most cost-efficient, the fastest, eco-friendly and progressive method of doing business. No surprise that the industry is growing so rapidly year by year! Yet for some reason, many leaders are still tentative due to the assumed risks involved with moving from a physical to a virtual environment.

        At Atum, we field questions about privacy, network security and data recovery with every new client. The fears are all the same: Will I lose anything in the migration? Will any of my data be compromised? What happens if the network goes down?

        The answer is – Atum guarantees 100% SLA network uptime and is fully redundant.  Atum is a Canadian company, which means we act under strict Canadian Privacy Laws, and our data centre is a Tier 4 bomb-proof facility (and probably 100 times safer than your office!) Worried about Migration? Our team of experts will help you make a smooth transition, and will even manage your servers and provide you with ongoing IT support.

        You may be on the fence about going entirely virtual – you are not alone. But trends are showing that businesses are weighing the pros, reaping the benefits and beginning to trust the Cloud.

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