Time to Recycle your E-Waste!

        It’s a good problem to have.

        When you are at a point where you have boxes and boxes of E-waste to dispose of it means you are getting rid of expensive, energy consuming materials from your business.

        As part of the Atum IT Green initiative, we take in our clients out of date or obsolete computer/electronic/ hardware materials and recycle it the RIGHT way. We want to give you an easy way to do the ‘green’ thing when you become our customers.

        Recently, we took some pictures of the e-waste articles we had accumulated from our clients…


        We called in the boys from Asset Recovery & Recycling in Toronto to take the laptops, servers, electronic material and miscellany to their E-waste plant for recycling. E-waste recycling companies like Asset Recovery & Recycling are completely OES (Ontario Electronic Stewardship) approved, and guarantee a 98.5% landfill diversion process.

        Virtualization is the future. It is an energy efficient way to store data and cut costs for businesses. It is also going to help to get rid of server rooms, racks of in house servers and make a lot of material into ‘e-waste’. We are virtually eliminating the need to store any data or infrastructure in your office space. So get rid of the old stuff, and embrace virtualization.

        We realize that ‘the old stuff’ needs to be properly disposed of and Atum will take responsibility of handling your e-waste so that you can reap the rewards of a totally virtualized solution.

        Find out more about VPS and virtualizing your infrastructure – then Go Green and send us all of your space and energy consuming materials!

        Just another recycling day at Atum!

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