The Cloud for One, The Cloud for All!

        Rumour: Virtualization is for the BIG and RICH companies with massive capital to invest in ‘The Cloud’.

        Truth: You don’t have to be big or rich to benefit from Virtualization. ‘The Cloud’ is meant for ALL.

        Sure, there are some VERY large companies adopting Cloud technologies, and granted – these companies have spent a very large amount of money in the transition. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that because enterprise business has lead the revolution from a physical environment to a virtual space that they are the only companies that can profit from a Cloud Solution.

        In a way, Enterprise paved the way for SMB and Start up markets to follow. The technology has been refined and now not only does it have mass market appeal and simplicity, it is extremely secure. More secure than say, an unattended, drafty server closet with out of date equipment? Sound familiar? Added virtual managed services, such as constant monitoring, backups, patching and firewall protection, and 24/7 support are all features that allow SMB and Start-ups to cut labour costs without losing the service.  It’s making the MOST of a limited budget.

        A “flat rate” is a dream situation for a Start-up or Small Business. One monthly fee that covers all infrastructure/equipment costs, premium hosting, IT and managed services, and support will help any sized business save money (and headache!).

        SMB providers, like Atum in Toronto, who specialize in custom packages and unique features for SMB business, are making ‘The Cloud’ simple and sensible, no matter the requirement. Virtualization doesn’t just mimic a physical environment, it adds functionality. In fact, business owners can easily design a solution that fits their needs to a ‘T’ without overspending on hardware and can instantly add or subtract resources based on growth and requirements.

        So, don’t discount a Cloud solution because you think you’re too SMALL, or that it is out of your budget. Investigate. As a Start-up or Small Business owner you can definitely benefit from:

        -          Instant scalability and flexible plans

        -          Flat fee for hosting and managed services

        -          Enterprise level security in a Tier 3 certified datacentre

        -          24/7 IT support


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