The 5 Big Hosting Questions That Will Save You Money!

        Whether you’re a store owner, an entrepreneur, the CEO of a multi-million dollar company or one of the 6.8 billion consumers in the world – money is driving your decisions.

        You walk into a clothing store and pick out a jacket you like, the second thing you do is check the price tag. How much does it cost? Then you do a quick calculation of the actual cost versus your budget – can you afford it? Is it worth the expense? Does it have ROI? Will it save you money in the long run? Is it better value than what you currently own? Will it leave you with enough money for groceries this month?

        Trust me, we all ask those same questions before we buy anything – personally or professionally. There are other factors that influence ‘why we buy’… but money is the bottom line. It’s the Ipso Facto. It’s a common connection you have with your fellow 6.8 billion consumers.

        Okay, so we recognize that money is THE determining factor…even in the decision to switch hosting providers, or transition from physical to virtual technology. So here are 5 cost-specific questions you can ask yourself as you evaluate a new host or the move from a physical to a virtual infrastructure.

        • How much are you currently paying for in-house server equipment/hardware?
        • How much is it currently costing you to maintain your servers monthly (updates, IT monitoring, labour costs, energy costs etc)
        • The next time you have to upgrade your equipment (for space or performance), how much will the new equipment cost you?
        • What percentage of your cost of doing business is spent on hardware and infrastructure?
        • How much money do you LOSE for every hour of downtime or unplanned outages?

        Come up with those figures, or even rough estimates…be careful, these numbers have a tendancy to scare people,  make them cry or leave them crouched in fetal postition. Yes, it can be painful. The reality is, Virtualization CAN save you hardware costs, labour/maintenance costs and ongoing downtime loses. For a flat monthly rate, a VPS can allow you the security of a tier 3 certified data center, 24/7 expert monitoring, managed services and support, 100% uptime guarantee, firewalls, upgrades and patching and instant scalability.

        So if money is the magnet in your compass, you might want to do some research and ask a few more questions about how you are currently operating and how you can implement a virtualization strategy for the future.

        Ask Us! We’ll prove it by helping you run a comparison between in-house servers and a virtualized solution, or even an assessment of your hosting options.

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