The 2012 Forecast for The Cloud

        The Cloud is not the new kid on the block this year. It’s not the freshman; it’s not the new puppy. It’s growing up, maturing and evolving with every calendar day that passes. In a totally new calendar YEAR, it’s the perfect (and most obvious) time to lay out some predictions as to the direction the cloud will take in 2012. Close the books on 2011, what will the new 2012 chapter write for the Cloud?

        Cloud Coverage – Last year, The Cloud was a buzz word on the tongues of technology companies, enterprise giants, internet aficionados, IT expos and trade show participants… but this year, we expect to see more adoption of the Cloud in every sector of business. From startup, to small business, mid-market to enterprise… everyone will discover a use for the cloud. It’s not just an internet term, it’s a tangible solution for any business… in 2012, expect a surge in small business adoption of Iaas, Saas etc services.

        Cloud Harmony – The Cloud put a question mark in the heads of many IT departments in 2011. What would The Cloud mean for IT jobs? Expect that 2012 be the year companies start to figure out a way to embrace the Cloud and reinvent the role of the IT department. Last year, there was a lot of discussion without clear vision, and the countless ways companies attempted to adopt The Cloud muddied the waters. The businesses that will find the most success will be able to clearly define the role of both their employees and the interdependent relationship with cloud technologies.

        A Safe Cloud – There was a lot of internet security breaches last year, I expect we’ll see The Cloud increase safety and security measures. Remember the hacking, the password stealing, the online security breaches, huge companies experiencing ‘downtime’… that was SO 2011. Cloud technology will become safer out of necessity for its customers – businesses will not tolerate the same security woes of the cloud in its infancy.

        Managed Cloud – Introducing the new small business solution. A Managed VPS Cloud solution gives Small business the opportunity to succeed without the high costs of an IT department or offshore experts. Park it all in a Virtual Private Server – your CRM, your ERP, your Exchange hosting, your webhosting, your Accounting Apps – then let the experts manage the backups, the monitoring, the security/firewalls, the upgrades/updates, and the Support. An all in one, hands off, worry free option is perfect for Small Business.

        The beauty of The Cloud (both as an internet term and a weather feature) is that it is always shape shifting and reforming… in 2012 we wont see the same clouds as 2011.

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