Technology in the Past, Present and Future

        We recently asked the question: What period of history would’ve benefited the MOST from today’s technology?

        It’s an intriguing concept. Think about this…

        • What if soldiers were tweeting from the frontlines during the World Wars?
        • What if everyone on the Titanic had a cell phone with a great long distance plan?
        • I’ll bet an iPad would’ve helped with Native relations… there’s got to be an App for that!
        • Christopher Columbus could’ve used a reliable GPS to save him some confusion.
        • The Spice Trade could’ve been done entirely online without the pesky travel back and forth.
        • William Shakespeare would’ve had his own YouTube channel, his own blog and Romeo & Juliet would’ve gone viral instantly.

        Technology HAS changed our world, and it’s amazing how quickly it can become part of our social, economic and even physical environment. In a few years, or even months, another gadget or advancement will come along that we ‘can’t live without’ and will reshape our world in a new way once again.

        It’s evident in the way your children can instinctively navigate every Application on an iPhone, yet your parents and grandparents have a hard time with speed dial. Times are changing, and we are changing with them!

        Your company would operate in an entirely different way if it was transported in time. How would you do business without computers? What technological revolution is on the horizon that will take your business to the next level?

         Technology is driving business forward and making it easier to connect, go virtual, and be innovative. So, what will your business look like in the time periods to come?

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