Technology Gift Guide: Top Tech Gifts of 2010 Part 1

        So you’re already shopping this season for a tech buff, a geek, a nerd, home office dweller, or even yourself? Whatever your budget is, let us save you some time.

        We researched tips from various tech leaders and narrowed down a list to help your hunt for the holidays with gift suggestions from every category and price.

        10. Apple iPad

        It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway - everyone is talking about it this year. The iPad will have sold close to 10 million units by the end of the year, making it the most successful piece of electronic equipment. Apps, WiFi, 3G, 10 hours worth of battery life – iPad is the must have gadget of 2010. We suggest getting it now as we have a feeling there might be shortage closer to December 24th!

        Value: $600

        9. A Very Special Heart

        A Very Special Heart allows for immediate evacuation with all of your critical health information. It includes a hidden USB that connects to any computer and holds medical conditions, medications, and allergies information. Non-emergency information like passports, social security cards, and birth certificates can be included with an owner-only password. Due to natural disasters, power outages often leave hospitals without any outside communication and AVSH does not need the internet to access your critical information.

        Value: $100

        8. Xbox 360 Elite 

        The Xbox 360 Elite comes with a massive hard drive and when it comes to great tech gift ideas, the Xbox 360 is still the main contender.

        Value: $400

        7. Logitech Speakers with Subwoofer 

        For distortion-free, deep, tight bass, the Logitech Speakers deliver by enhancing your movie, music and gaming experience. This makes for a great gadget to add to your home. The speakers are able to mirror a wide range of low frequencies, the powerful 8-inch, and 120 watt driver, delivering in spades with the subwoofers port noise that eliminates the flared side port. With the remote you control the subwoofer level, volume and power and there’s a headphone jack. The system comes complete with an audio adapter for quick connections directly to your DVD or CD player, or your game console.

        Value: $400

        6. Home user online file back up

        Back up and security in cyberspace is always a concern and this online backup system helps your piece of mind at home. It installs a small background application on your computer that runs silently and searches for new and changed files to backup. Once it finds the file, it automatically backs it up to Carbonite’s data center, where it’s stored in case you need to restore a lost or deleted file. This involves a yearly membership fee.

        Value: $50

        There you have the first half of our holiday gift guide. Stay tuned for next week to find out the top 5!

        Happy Holidays!

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