Surviving an Infrastructure Drop Test

        A ‘drop test’ is often performed to test out the durability and resiliency of technology devices. It’s exactly what you think it is. Some pass with flying colours, escaping without a scratch or malfunction. Others crack (literally) under the pressure of sudden impact. You can try this at home with your phones, tablets, laptops etc – but the results may NOT be favourable!

        How do you test the infallibility of your business and infrastructure?

        If suddenly impacted… how would your business fare? Would you crack, or do you have the structure in place to remain stable through any ‘drop test’.

        For many businesses, a drop test would reveal that any disruption could mean huge consequences to their business. In a data-reliant environment, a natural disaster or hardware glitch could bring an entire company down irreparably. Trusting your infrastructure to out of date hardware, incapable IT, or an unreliable host might mean the difference between passing and failing.

        What do you have in place to prepare your business for a drop test?

        Here are some of the unique services Atum offers that will support your sensitive and all-important infrastructure … in any situation.

        Uptime guarantees
        24/7 expert support
        Datacentre security
        (with Tier 3 Certification)
        Backups and Upgrades
        Firewall protection
        Premium equipment
        Managed Services and Monitoring

        Take a good look at your infrastructure and ask yourself, how would you survive a drop test?

        Find out more about VPS hosting and Managed services today!

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