Stay at Home with The Cloud

        It is definitely possible in this obsessively convenient world for you to literally never leave your house and still be completely social, stay current, be entertained, and even build a successful business. Pretty much anything you want to do, you can accomplish from a 10’ x10’ room.

        • Groceries ordered online and delivered to your door (not a new idea, but gaining in popularity).
        • Free video chat with your friends and family on Skype (take advantage now… who knows how long this will be a free service under new management!)
        • Order Netflix for the month and watch movies from the comfort of your room, and at your convenience (Even by ‘waving late fees’ Blockbuster couldn’t contend with this service).
        • Read your paper online, get minute to minute updates on Twitter, post your pictures to albums online – days of ‘hard copies’ are long gone.
        • Run a business online, with employees working remotely and all your data stored virtually (desks, file cabinets and servers just take up unnecessary space!)

        The world is ‘On demand’ and at your fingertips…wherever you are. You can credit ‘The Cloud’ for making absolutely everything more accessible and portable. Both Microsoft and Apple announced versions of their ‘cloud technologies’ recently. Steve Jobs was so excited about the development; he made a special appearance at WWDC announcing the ‘death of files and demotion of machines as the hub of your digital life’.

        Now it won’t just be businesses and technology professionals that will know the meaning of ‘The Cloud’. Soon, your 15 year old will know more about cloud capabilities than most adults. It’s the reality.

        For businesses this means that data and hardware are no longer a concern. Moving servers and out of date hardware into the cloud frees the company of overhead costs, maintenance man hours, costly downtime and letting ‘the machines’ run your business. It is the future of business innovation and a huge advantage for companies moving forward!

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