Social Listening IS For You!

        Microsoft Social Listening is a tool which allows you to be in the loop with all your social media outlets in one place. Never miss a tweet or a comment which mentions your brand again! Social Listening allows for easy social media management, while helping build and maintain a positive rapport for your brand.


        What Features Does Microsoft Social Listening Offer?

        • View of all your social media outlets in relation to your brand from one place
        • Track and view all keywords related to your brand and service
        • Track all your social media posts across all your platforms
        • Identify all positive and negative trends across social media allowing you to edit posts based on trends and feedback
        • Allows alerts to be set up when action required creating conversations based on your business, brand, service or product
        • “Insight” tool allows client trust to be built increasing sales
        • Respond to posts and comments on all social media outlets from one place
        • Customizable portal
        • Easy to use in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with dashboard input


        How Can Social Listening Help Your Business?

        Through social listening you are able to see all the places in which people are posting regarding your business, brand or service. For example you are a tow truck company and someone tweets expressing their distress on their way to work as they “got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.” Based on the key words used, you can see this post on Social Listening creating a business opportunity for yourself. You are able to create a new contact and reach out to the potential client directly from Social Listening. Another example in which Social Listening can help your business is by keeping an eye on your company and its buzz. For example Sally is upset with how many machines are not working at the gym today. She posts about her frustration on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram mentioning your facility. This situation allows your company to turn a negative experience into a positive interaction with the customer. You are able to directly let Sally know that you are indeed getting new equipment to enhance the customer experience and perhaps offer her a month of free towel service. This example shows Social Listening lets you track your interactions and their feedback in one place along with turning a negative situation into positive, remember Sally’s friends will see you had to offer as well! Social Listening allows your business to interact with potential customers based on their needs and create new opportunities by keeping a positive buzz within your current clients.


        How Much Is Social Listening?

        The Microsoft CRM Dynamics version is $66.80 per user/ month. This is the best option if you have over 10 users. The other option is to get Microsoft Social Listening as its own service at $102.80 per month/ user. This option is recommended when there are less than 10 users.

        How Do I Try Social Listening?

        Now that you are aware of just some of the way sin which Social Listening can help your business grow- what now?  Let us give you a tailored demo which is suitable for your needs. Atum is here to show you the ropes, customize, configure, train and provide support till you are a hashtag expert.

        Give us a call at Atum today for your customized Social Listening demo at 416-410-8444 or of course you can e-mail us at