Outsourcing vs Offshoring: Big Difference

        What does the term ‘Outsourcing‘ mean to you? Do you automatically think of a Slumdog Millionaire call centre, where hundreds of underpaid workers read from a script and barely speak English? Or does it make you mad, assuming that any company that ‘outsources’ is trying to cut corners and eliminate jobs?

        Just because NBC made a short-lived comedy about Outsourcing, doesn’t mean all outsourcing is the same as offshoring. There’s a difference… come to think of it, NBC probably mis-titled their show.

        Outsourcing used to be a scary word that meant your job was going to a minimum wage worker halfway around the world because the company wanted to cut costs. But in today’s world, you could outsource to the guys across the hall from you, or across the city, or even the country… because they are the experts. Many businesses are now seeing the value of hiring true experts to manage complex jobs and projects better than they can so that they can focus on their core business.

        It’s absurd to think that a design firm or an accounting company wouldn’t want someone ELSE handling their IT or company infrastructure. To get the same results, the company would have to hire a full team of experts or an entire IT department. That’s not realistic for most companies in the start up, small or mid-market range. Outsourcing these elements of your business frees up money and overhead to invest in more skilled designers or accountants … your core business.

        Outsourcing doesn’t make you cheap (unless you are paying $2 per hour for IT services in Mongolia…) it might just make you smart, more profitable and free to grow your business unrestricted by resources. You can have the very best in the Biz working for you/with you without hiring one person or a full department to produce the same results.

        Don’t be shy to consider outsourcing. Let the experts handle what you can’t– so you can be the best at what you do!

        Discover Atum’s Outsourced IT Solutions – we’ll take care of the IT stuff, while you manage your business.

        Say it with me: Outsourcing is not the same as Offshoring.

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