Outgrowing Your Shared Host

        If you started your website using a ‘Shared Hosting’ solution, you probably did because it was the most affordable option on the table. A Shared Hosting plan can be VERY inexpensive, and can provides the perfect starting point for a small business or personal website, blog, photo gallery or community forum.

        But pretty soon, you’re going to get more traffic, use more resources or add new functionality onto your site. As your business grows, your needs grow. Maybe you’ve started online marketing, and your website traffic has doubled. Or perhaps, your business needs an ecommerce or shopping cart function to capitalize on the online buying market.

        You will run into a resource issue if you are using a shared hosting solution. There’s nowhere to ‘grow’. The shared host has split the server and shared the CPUs among their many clients, giving an equal percentage of the distribution to each.

        For the average blogger, or small website owner – the minimal space allocated will be enough. But not everyone requires the SAME amount of resources. If there are 100 clients on a server, and 10 of them are fighting for the bulk of the resources, the performance will suffer.

        The price jump between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers is quite large, and that can be scary for the average user and/or business. The cost is justified because you are not ‘splitting’ or ‘going dutch’ on the cost of the server with other clients.

        Another solution? Dedicated Virtual Private Server Hosting (or VPS). VPS allows you to allocate dedicated virtual resources (CPU/Memory) without sharing. It also offers the ability to scale your resources as you grow – adding on more space or managed services at your own pace. It’s a more customizable and cost-effective solution because you don’t have to buy the WHOLE server, just the room you need.

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