Let Old Technology ‘Rest In Peace’

        We are entering into a previously unchartered new phase in the age of technology – reaching a point where we are witnessing the death of certain technological staples of yore. Some of the technologies that started the revolution are becoming obsolete before our eyes!

        Just this past week, one of the last known producers of the typewriter announced that they will be stopping production of the product indefinitely. Thus, unless there is a sudden surge of demand for typewriters, or the typewriter faithful rise up… one of the original technologies of the last century will end its run.

        In other news, Apple reports that due to strong iPad2 and iPhone4 sales, the company made a profit of over 5.9 billion this quarter. Holy smokes! Just as the Great Great grandfather of computer technology becomes more and more archaic, new technologies are growing more and more relevant.

        It makes you wonder what will ‘die’ next. Do we really have a need for cassette tapes anymore? The pager has been completely superseded by mobile technologies, and your old VHS tapes are collecting dust in a box in your basement!

        I’ll bet even your work space is changing. Less fax machines, less file cabinets, less out of date machinery. That’s where Atum can offer solutions to take your business into the future of internet advancements. Get rid of cumbersome, dated machines that take up space in your workplace – the way your Nintendo 64 collection does at home!

        Think about giving your company a virtual refresh – cut costs and resources by customizing an IT solution that gets rid of the dying technologies in your office. Freedom is the future…

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