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Dynamics 365 was revealed by Microsoft in November 2016 which opened up a new era for the Microsoft Dynamics product line. The new product release aimed at giving customers a complete end to end solution all within one platform. Everything you need available within the system we are all already using – Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft also wanted to allow organizations that didn’t need a full package of CRM solutions to purchase only one “app”. Be sure to check out our blog for more information on the differences between the apps here:

Let’s jump into some of the top new features in Dynamics 365 CRM!

1) Editable Grids

An Editable grid was one of the most requested features in Dynamics CRM. All of the previous versions of Dynamics CRM only offer a read-only grid that displays data also known as a view. Previously, if any modifications were needed, users need to click into each individual record to perform an edit.

In Dynamics 365, Microsoft released a native editable grid for each entity and grid and sub-grid of CRM! On top of that, the editable grid also supports mobile and tablet clients, making it even more appealing to the field users of Dynamics CRM.

Once enabled, the editable grid replaces the existing read-only grid, so no need to switch between the two. All of the functionalities that are part of the read-only grid such as “Click to open”, “Export”, Run Workflow”, “Filter/Sort” etc. remains intact.

This feature saves the daily user of CRM a tremendous amount of time.

Editable grid:

Main Grid



2) Business Process Flow / Business Rules Designer

Business Process Flow (BPF) and Business Rules (BR) are some of the most powerful features within the Dynamics CRM platform. They allow businesses to set up complicated rules and processes in CRM without the need for custom coding and development. In the previous version of Dynamics CRM, the Business Process Flow and Business Rules are setup using logic commands where the user needs to specify “If” and “then” conditions, which tend to be challenging for those that are not familiar with system logics and programming statements.

In Dynamics 365, the Business Process Flow and Business Rules designer received a complete facelift. The newly released designer supports drag/drop and is aimed at being so user-friendly even a basic user of CRM can implement powerful automation. It also incorporates additional functionalities such as “Copy & Paste”, “Snapshot”, “Validate” etc.

Business Rules Designer:

business rules designer

3) Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

The integration with Outlook has always received love and hate among the Dynamics CRM community. Users love the fact that items can be tracked within Outlook and synchronized into CRM, or vice versa. However, the process has always been cumbersome and the traditional Outlook Plugin can face issues such as disconnection, synchronization error, data integrity etc. depending on your version of Outlook.

Microsoft introduced a new application for CRM to Outlook integration – Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. The new application introduces a fresh interface that is more user-friendly and promotes a seamless integration between the two systems. You are now able to view both the email from Outlook and the Contact details in CRM within a single pane. On top of that, you can Track to a specific record in a single click! The App supports a consistent experience across all Outlook platforms such as Desktop, Mobile, and Online.

App for Outlook – Desktop Outlook (Screenshot provided by Microsoft):


App for Outlook – Mobile Outlook (Screenshot provided by Microsoft):

App for Outlook Mobile

App for Outlook – Web Outlook (Screenshot provided by Microsoft):

App for Outlook Web


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