More Companies are Going Big and Going Green

        Going Green’ is no longer just a buzz word thrown around flippantly by eco-crusaders and the occasional Hollywood elite. We’ve seen a large change in our society, embracing new ideals and consumption habits that will slowly start to make an impact on a grander level.

        You may think that recycling more, cutting your plastic bag usage or installing the odd solar panel wouldn’t put much of a dent in the global eco-movement. Unfortunately, this is partially true. By throwing a tin can in the right bin, you aren’t saving the world from our massive ‘footprint’.

        In order to really make an impact, a larger contribution needs to be made – something the little guy can’t accomplish by himself. What is needed? Company involvement and buy in. From the small business owner to the gargantuan enterprises, getting on board to make some green changes.

        Just this past week, some major companies have been in the news with a renewed focus on contributing to the green shift. Google has been a leader in creating a sustainable environment and putting value in green operations. This week, it was announced that the search engine giant invested $168 million into a solar energy project – upon completion; it will be the largest solar power tower plant in the world!

        Social media giant Facebook also announced details for a highly advanced green data centre – and they have a heck of a lot of data to store! It is important for these IT dense environments to make little and extensive adjustments to save on energy consumption. Facebook has been getting a lot of pats on the back since its inception, but this is a huge step in the right direction towards corporate responsibility.

        The concept is not entirely new, but when more businesses begin to make strides and do their part – the concept can become a reality. Atum Corporation is proud of our Green IT approach and will continue to help other companies invest in a greener corporate vision.

        What are you doing to mobilize the green revolution? Perhaps more importantly, what is your business doing to support the overall shift?

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