Microsoft Dynamics ERP Predictive & Proactive Reporting

        Look Forward, Not Backward

        Is your business software hindering your ability to make sound business decisions? Is it limiting your potential for growth? In today’s competitive environment, you need more than a backward-looking system of record to be successful.

        Microsoft Dynamics ERP can address those challenges. It gives you a solution that’s proactive and predictive, with built-in workflows that guide your employees forward through their work. It also provides your people with powerful embedded business intelligence tools that help transform data into insight. With those tools at their fingertips, your teams not only can solve problems, but they also can prevent them from occurring in the first place.

        As an example, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, combined with the powerful features of Microsoft Excel, can transform transactional data into predictive reports. These reports include shopping cart analysis that helps your people identify future cross-sell and up-sell opportunities as well as recommend items that are the most profitable for your business. And drill-down capabilities provide deeper visibility into transactions and more detailed audit trails. Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you higher confidence that the right people are making the right decisions to grow your business.


        Dynamics Success Story

        headON Communications, a provider of headsets, communications equipment, and supporting services, wanted to gain better control of its business, simplify finance management, and engage more effectively with customers. The company replaced a legacy ERP system with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and also implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Now, business managers can review financial, inventory, and customer data to manage the company for best performance and competitive positioning. Customer-facing employees can devise targeted campaigns to keep inventory moving quickly and market products to customers who find them most valuable. And, because new automation processes generate multiple efficiencies, employees can focus on tasks that take the business ahead.


        “Customers appreciate the ability to review their orders and shipping statuses, and other details, by logging on to our website at any time without having to call or send an email message. In turn, that means fewer calls and messages to our sales and service team members, who can be more proactive in working with customers.”

        –        Rene Horvath, CEO, headON Communications


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