Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 On the Go

        Two new realities facing your sales and service teams are:

        1) It’s All About Your Customer’s Experience of Your Business. More than just customer service, more than just having products in stock, customer experience means a seamless, consistently high level of performance throughout every touch-point your customer has with your business.

        2) You Need to Be Mobile. It’s no longer okay to have everything in place on your desktop and expect your customer to accept lower performance because someone is out of the office.

        Microsoft Dynamics CRM has all the tools that help you deliver the consistent and dependable experience your customers expect – from your premises, your mobile device, and anywhere you have a web connection with.

        Going Mobile with Dynamics CRM

        Keeping your sales people constantly connected with the home office, their customers and the data they need makes it easier to keep your customer’s experience consistent. No one needs to wait until they get back to the office.

        All of Dynamics CRM’s mobile and on-premises applications are seamless across all devices and feature “write once, deploy everywhere” functionality. Displays are optimized for the device on which they are accessed.

        Dynamics CRM on Your Tablet – Designed for the iPad and Windows 8 devices, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM tablet app also improves your sales team’s experience by giving consistent and seamless access to the Dynamics interface they know.

        Imagine the time they save as they update notes, tasks and leads as they happen. And convenient features like cached data for viewing offline, if web connections are lost, eliminate the embarrassing drawbacks of mobile data delivery.

        Dynamics CRM Phone Applications – It would be nice to say that you can have the full functionality of Dynamics in the palm of your hand, but the limits of screen and device capacity make that impossible. But here are some of the features you can use on the Dynamics touch-optimized phone apps:

        • CRM Data Access – including Contact, Opportunity and Social Activity feeds
        • Easy Interaction – to add or modify a variety of data
        • Customizable Display – configure custom features for smartphone display

        You should see Dynamics CRM on-the-go for yourself!

        Set up a demo with a trusted consultant today who will show you how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can solve your specific business requirements.

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