Managed vs Unmanaged: What’s the Difference?

        As you may have noticed – Atum offers two VPS plans: Managed and Unmanaged Packages. Besides the obvious cost variances, you may wonder “What’s the Difference between a Managed and an Unmanaged Package?”

        Good Question.

        An Atum Unmanaged VPS plan allows you to take full control, while benefiting from top of the line virtual technology. If you’ve got an IT Wizard or a full IT department that knows their way around a server and is comfortable with performing upgrades, patches and installations… we give you the keys, and you drive the car. Or server.  We give you the guarantee of premium performance, 100% SLA uptime, a 24/7 Support line, Top notch IBM machines and a certified Tier 3 Datacentre to host your VPS. Get rid of your server closet, and embrace ‘the cloud’, it will save you money and give you instant scalability as you expand. All of those features come with every unmanaged package, from Basic to Platinum.

        An Atum Managed VPS plan offers you the same guarantee of equipment, performance, uptime and security… but adds an expert team to manage it all for you. If you don’t want to lift a finger, or hire more IT guys, Atum will completely manage your server, data, security, upgrades, repairs, and installations etc for you. A Managed Package includes the full security of our firewall, regular backups, 24/7 monitoring of your VPS, expert support and easy migrations. Our team of VPS pros will become YOUR team and keep your business running smoothly and securely with no worries.

        So you and your team can purchase VPS hosting and continue to manage your own data with all the added benefits of virtualization technology. Or, you can hand over your IT worries to us to manage for you, freeing you from performance issues, security risks and expensive IT costs.

        Managed or Unmanaged… choose what’s right for you!

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