Keep It All Together With Virtualization

        After working with countless clients, and building custom virtual solutions for numerous businesses, we’ve have started to notice an alarming trend. Division of resources. It seems that a lot of companies come to us for an all-in-one solution because they’ve got their website hosted in the cloud, their CRM hosted onsite, their reporting systems are outdated, their IT is outsourced and they’ve hired third party consultants.   It can be overwhelming, and a little bit…. messy. Like my mother always said, disorganization is a disaster waiting to happen!

        This isn’t just a messy closet. It’s your business.

        Can your business function without a CRM or ERP? If not, how confident are you in your current onsite servers? Do you have backup? How about if your website goes down? And how much money are you spending to bring in consultants and pay IT people to manage your infrastructure?

        Keep it simple!

        Put your website, your business applications and your infrastructure in our hands. Not only will it be secure in our Tier 3 certified data centre, but we also provide fully managed solutions that include regular backups, 24/7 monitoring, firewall protection, upgrades/installs, expert support and IT services. A premium VPS hosting solution guarantees virtually dedicated resources – no sharing, no downtime, easy scalability.

        And have you heard? Atum Corporation also provides Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP (ERP) Deployment Services (includes licensing, deployment, customization, training and support). See how a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or ERP solution will modernize and revolutionize the way you do business and interact with your clients, seamlessly integrated with familiar Microsoft technologies.

        Upgrade your infrastructure, manage your servers, update your CRM and ERP systems, and host it all in one place.

        How can we help? Ask us today about an All-in-One Virtual Solution.


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