Is it the Year of the Startup?

        It seems like new Startups are quickly emerging and skyrocketing every single day. Small companies with BIG ideas are becoming the current roadmap to success.

        What does this acceptance and embrace of the ‘Start up’ culture say about the times we live in, and the business landscape of the future?

        Everyone loves a good Startup story. An App developed in a college dorm room, an online company reaching a million users in a day, a social media tool that connects the dots in a totally new way rivaling the ‘Big Guys’.

        We celebrate the stories by holding competitions, awarding ‘Best New Start ups’, dedicating blogs and articles to Start up success stories, holding conferences and events to network with other Startups and showcasing Startup experts as inspiration for the ‘next best’ thing.

        I come across countless articles everyday reporting on The Top Startups, highlighting the winners at IT World fairs/summits, or promoting a new Startup program.

         Is it a tribute to our economy or our generation?

        In an economic flat line, are entrepreneurs deciding their own fate by following a dream on a dime? Or in these harsh economic climates, do the true innovators come out of the woodworks… like Edison, or the Wright brothers. Our society is rewarding this new wave of innovation by fostering and supporting this ‘Startup generation’ with government and private programs, community support, forums and conferences to better prepare new Startups before they hit the market.

        So is this a product of a totally new generation, or does every generation experience a ripe year of innovation? We had the Renaissance, The Space Age, perhaps THIS is our generations mark on the future. The value and cultivation of a ‘good idea’ is extremely high these days…

        It’s prime time for Startups worldwide. The tools are available, the climate is perfect and the market is always ready to hear about the latest and greatest idea du jour!

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