How to tell if a VPS provider is fully dedicated

        We hate sharing.

        We’ve hated sharing as little kids, as teenagers, and as adults. Myself – well, I’m an only child so that concept was never taught to me. Never sharing as a child, working with a fully dedicated resources provider as an adult… some may call it stretching the connection, but I call it fate!

        As leading dedicated VPS hosting providers, I will give you four very important Atum pointers in your search for a fully dedicated resources provider. We are experts at being greedy so I would take these into evaluation with each and every host you come across that claims to be dedicated.

        Central Processing Units (CPUs)
        Make sure you receive dedicated CPUs. This is an integral component of figuring out if your host is dedicated or not. The CPU performs most computations in a computer and handles task scheduling for the Operating System. The CPU delicates dedicated resources and most VPS hosting providers will not offer dedicated CPUs, bundling up all your plans under one (two if you’re lucky) big CPU roof. You often have to “fight” for the CPU resources with others and this affects your hosting performance, slowing you and your business down.

        This refers to the condition of a network when there is not enough bandwidth to support the current traffic load. Make sure to throw in this industry term to your potential provider (most likely catching them off guard). To avoid congestion that decreases performance and slows you down, the VMs must be monitored and set allocated resources.

        This stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks – a subsystem that increases performance or provides fault tolerance or both. The essential task of a RAID is writing two or more disks at the same time. Atum has RAID 5 which actually writes your data on three disks simultaneously. Having the same data stored on separate disks enables the data to be recovered in the event of a disk failure. This eliminates network downtime because even in the case of your server going down, it will be instantly recovered with a back up copy. If that back up copy goes down, the third copy will be pulled up.

        Last but not least is monitoring. With monitoring, you get informed of disk space, and CPU usage ensuring that all is under control. This way the issue gets resolved before it even becomes a problem. You can rest knowing that you’ll never experience a surprise of your network “going down” because one of your log files grew too fast. Not that it would ever happen with a host like Atum that provides dedicated CPU, lack of congestion and RAID support ;)

        All jokes aside, having what you pay for, or rather what you think you’re paying for is very important when choosing a dedicated virtual hosting provider. If your business is even the least reliant on an IT infrastructure, then hosting is an essential component of your business and that means you deserve the best.

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        1. When the site exceed the bandwidth usage limit the hosting service of your hosting account will automatically shut down. When visitors perform a search in the search engine and land on your site they will see the default message.

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