How to Move Into the Cloud

        This summer, many of our Atum Team members are ‘on the move’ – moving closer to the office, to a newer-flashier location or simply just for a change in scenery. In some cases the process can be exhausting and stressful, worthy of a half-hour special on HGTV. But many times, it is an absolute necessity based on your individual needs… so in the end, the destination should be worth the journey! Right?

        In the same way, moving plays a large role in today’s business environment. For example, moving from a physical environment to the cloud, or moving from a current server/web host to a new host provider.

        If you really think about it, your business should follow the same procedures as someone buying and moving into a new home.

        1. Know Your Needs – your requirements are specific to the way you run your business – no two companies are the same! Just as a home-buyer would make a list of ‘needs’ (a backyard for the dog) and ‘wants’ (a TV built into the shower), your business will have variables that are not negotiable, and others that are scalable for the long term. If you are making the move to a VPS solution, or switching providers – know what you NEED before you start the search.

        2. Do Your Research- When you’re moving into a new neighbourhood, one tip is to knock on doors and ask people about the area. If you’re unsure, ask! People will always tell you what they think. If you are switching providers or moving to VPS for the first time, ask around or use social media to get some customer reviews and testimonials. Do customers complain regularly about service or support on Twitter? If there’s a history of ‘downtime’, you may want to look elsewhere. If you’re interested, check out Atum’s Customer Testimonials page for reviews of our client solutions.

        3. Get an Expert- It is always worth it to hire an expert rather than going through the home buying experience alone. You’ll have to pay a little extra for the service, but it will save you from amateur pitfalls and confusion. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. There are plenty of hosts that will offer you hosting on a dime- but is that what you’re looking for? If your company is looking to roll out a complete VPS solution and moving your servers to the cloud, the cheapest option might not provide you with what you need to be successful.

        4. All Hands on Deck- The big moving day has come, you call on your friends, family or a team of movers to help you with the heavy stuff! If you are moving (or migrating) from a physical environment to a virtual one, go with a streamlined, easy approach – use the support team and IT experts at Atum. Utilizing our migration services is the best way to get your ‘heavy lifting’ done without a hitch when the time comes.

        5. Reap the Rewards – Once all the boxes are unpacked, and the housewarming parties are over… you can now reap the rewards of your decision to move. Maybe you’re paying less in rent, maybe the view is better, maybe the walk to work is shorter… these are the benefits you were searching for in the first place. So once your business finds a reliable provider, and the migration is complete – the business will start to benefit. Less downtime, less man-hours, better scalability for the future, more energy-efficient, and the list goes on. 

        So, when are YOU moving?

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