How to choose a SaaS hosting provider

        Selecting the right managed hosting provider for your SAAS solution is a lengthy process. If your entire business and software solution is cloud based and depends on your hosting provider, you don’t want to take any risks. Each SaaS is different, so it is important to ensure that you are partnering with the perfect host that understands your culture, needs and your customers.  You not only need a hosting provider but also a consultative partner who can address on an ongoing basis the changing needs of your users and your business. Here’s a few facts to consider:

        #1. Select a hosting provider that is experienced in SaaS hosting.

        Many companies offer SaaS offerings to capitalize on the recent buzz around the model making claims that aren’t necessarily true. Your hosting provider must focus on addressing specific SaaS requirements, including capacity scalability, support, security and monitoring. SaaS should be a natural extension of the host’s core business and expertise. One of the main ways to be able to tell the level of expertise is by looking at the hosting provider’s client base. Side note: take a look at the testimonial from the CEO of Luxor CRM (SaaS software) on the main page of our website J

        #2. You’re not the same as every other SaaS – find a hosting provider who gets that.

        Managed hosting factors such as security, Service-Level Agreements, scalability, and consistent uptime are the basis in to the standard SaaS infrastructure. Although all of these factors are critical in your ability to develop and sustain your SaaS success, your hosting provider must also guarantee and offer consulting services to help facilitate your transition and grow with you. You have unique needs that must be met in this ever changing technology world.  Look for hosting providers that possess features and tools to help your business grow. For example, Atum offers IT consulting bundles for our hosting clients as we are experts in the field and provide IT infrastructures analysis on a regular basis.

        #3. Quality. Enough said.

        Make sure your hosting provider has a solid reputation and possesses the expertise and capabilities to deliver the promised experience. You don’t want to put your business in the hands of someone whose quality of performance is questionable. For example, What is the data center tier of your hosting provider and how secure is it? What hardware does your host use? If not mentioned somewhere on their website, it usually lacks quality. Also your host should be able to demonstrate the relationships and provide referrals without a hassle. Finding a quality host, will enable you to focus on your application development and your core business, and not have you worry about the cloud it’s hosted on. Side note: Atum has a tier 4 data center that goes as far as being bomb proof, and uses strictly IBM server hardware.  

        #4. Find a host that has industry leaders as partners.

        Be wary of the hosting providers who claim they can solve all your SaaS problems on their own. Who is behind their backbone and providing them the software and hardware? Are their partners listed right on the front, or hidden somewhere within the website? Make sure they can deliver promises and not just make them, and a good indicator is their partners. For example, Atum is partnered with Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, and Symantec just to name a few.

        #5. Partner with a host that is an industry leader themselves.

        The SaaS industry is growing and you need to find a partner that can keep up and lead the way along with you. As you continue to refine your SAAS offering, you should regularly evaluate whether your hosting provider has the physical and technical resources to address those challenges.  However, this doesn’t only refer to the host being able to make significant modifications to your infrastructure but also their involvement in the industry as leaders. Have they won awards? Have they ever been keynote speakers at events? Is there press coverage on them? Videos showcasing their talents?

        All in all, selecting a hosting company that provides quality service and has an established credibility is essential to ensuring smooth and successful SaaS running business model.

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