How Small Businesses Can Cut Costs

        Cut business operating costs by utilizing your VPS hosting solutions

        The number one priority for a small business is to keep costs down. By outsourcing IT and server hosting, and focusing on a core specialty businesses are able to make the most out of their budgets. For example, running a data center and having in-house IT is most likely not a core requirement for a small business – especially in the initial stages. With outsourcing IT and refocusing resources on more strategic plans, you have the ability to increase revenue and profitability.

        Small business owners and startups often find it difficult to find a budget for the resources needed such as hardware, networking, licenses and staff required that are now a part of almost every business.

        If your IT is inhouse, a small business owner will often spend a lot of valuable time on the unnecessary. It is also much more costly to be taking care of server hardware, IT management and network infrastructure inhouse for a small business whose core specialty does not include IT. Most start ups or small business can’t keep up with a one time or large monthly expenses to provide their IT infrastructures management and time required.

        However, luckily for small businesses there are companies like Atum who provide a competitive advantage among the large enterprises. Outsourcing server hosting & IT does not only result in cutting costs and saving time but it also provides a small business with the same resources as larger enterprises allowing them to compete with the “big fish in the sea”. Small business IT worries are also taken away so that they can now focus on areas in their business that they’re needed most.

        And the advantages don’t only stop at cost cutting by outsourcing IT. Choosing the right dedicated server hosting option that is small business focused is very imporant as it will provide the best results. The recent trend in dedicated server hosting and cost cutting (while increasing performance) is virtual private server (VPS) hosting. For example, If you have 5 servers in your office that only take up room, power and management, you’re able to convert your current dedicated servers into VPS servers instantly reducing operational and hardware costs.

        Quantitatively speaking, a small business is able to save hundreds if not thousands per month. It’s everything you need and expect from the traditional way of hosting, except for a low fee of monthly fee and peace of mind.  

        In the small business world saving money is just as important as making money. When a small business reduces the need for dedicated servers hosting in house into outsourcing dedicated virtual servers, it results in significant increased savings.

        A small business always wants to save money and improve performance in different areas. In small business operations, this means choosing a managed VPS hosting option. So to all the small businesses and start ups out there… consider a managed VPS hosting solution that has changed how things are done for the better.

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