How Does Your Brand Prepare for Change?

        In the recent issue of Canadian Business magazine, the publication ranks the Top Brands in Canada and two writers took opposing sides to the Question: is RIM on an upswing or a downward slide?

        Rim cracked the Top 5 Brands in Canada based on reputation, revenue and consumer opinion – so why throw around the idea that it is heading towards an impending doomsday?

        There are some compelling arguments to suggest that RIM will not be able to keep pace with Apple in the Smartphone, and tablet markets. In the past few years, setbacks and disappointments have plagued the reputation of the company; The Playbook was highly touted as ‘The Next Apple Killer’, but largely disappointing, even for the Blackberry loyalists.

        There’s no need to bash RIM, you can read the article and decide its’ fate for yourself.

        Maybe the better question to ask is: what does our immediate technology future look like? Will the major players hold a monopoly moving forward? Will smaller companies emerge with something totally new (akin to RIM in 2002) that will revolutionize mainstream technology again? Will the Top Brands of 2011, be the Top Brands of 2012?

        The world of consumer technology is shifting and recreating itself daily –it’s not off-base to assume that we could have a completely different landscape in a year! Just ask Blockbuster, Maple Leaf Foods, or Eatons… one minute you’re on top, the next you’re a blip on the radar or completely obsolete.

        How will your company prepare to succeed and thrive in the imminent future? Perhaps some changes need to be made preemptively that will take your business to the next level and compete with the ever-changing consumer markets.

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