How Atum Caught an Online Crook!

        Recently, the team at Atum encountered an elaborate attempt at fraud – and since credit card and identity theft are ever-important dangers to be aware of, we would like to share the story with you.

        Last week, a person logged into our LiveChat Session and asked to sign up for one of our premiere VPS packages. The person gave us her name, email address and phone number asking us to send the information along to the email account because the phone service was down in the office. The information was passed along to our Sales team who wanted to discuss the details of the request directly – instead of just sending and automated response for sign up, our team decided to make the call. The person who answered was the person whose name was given as the primary contact on our Live Chat Session. However, the person on the other line did NOT know about the online conversation, or the product she was ‘signing up’ for!

        Something didn’t sit right with that situation. The Sales team did some due diligence, and called the woman back to warn her that someone was using her name and credentials fraudulently online. After some investigation, the woman called our team back to let us know that there HAD been some unknown charges to her card in the last few hours, but that we were able to catch it before it got out of hand!


        What a story. Our team was very happy to have helped ‘catch a thief’. Even in the strangest of situations, we should all be looking out for the criminal, and helping each other when we smell a rat! Sometimes, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck… it’s a duck.

        We all want things to be super automated and super-fast. At Atum, we want to ALSO provide a step where there is some personal conversation/contact between our company and our customers. We want to fully understand your needs, because no business is the same as the next. By speaking directly with you, we can help with the transition, answer questions, banter about the weather and give you the very best fit for your needs.

        If we had not implemented our personal approach in this case, there would be a very unhappy person looking at a very large credit card bill… the unknowing victim of fraud.

        Be diligent about your online safety- this is just one example of MANY credit card crimes every day, so report any fishy activity as soon as you see it. We put safety first and make it a priority for our clients… with extra security measures in place you are in good hands!

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