Hot Technology Trends: The Summer Edition

        In most places around the world this week, people are feeling the heat of summer. It’s getting hotter every day, and we can’t stop talking about it! Everywhere I go I hear the summer clichés – “Is it hot enough for you?” “Going to be a hot one today” “Remember this in January!”.

        Since it’s on our minds (constantly), now would be a good time to look at what’s HOT in technology trends! Face it, you’re either talking about the heat or the latest in technology news…right?

        Here are 5 HOT technology trends this summer:

        1. Google+ – we have yet to determine whether or not this is the ‘Facebook killer’ it was touted to be, but Google+ membership has already reached 18 million in its early ‘invite only’ stage. It’s about time Facebook had a true nemesis – competition breeds ingenuity and innovation which is great news for users! Will the initial Google+ mystique fizzle by end of summer, or will it reach new heights once it becomes available for all? Only time will tell…

        2. MAC OS X Lion/ Airbook – Apple just keeps pumping out new products. This week, the new Airbook and Lion Operating System was made available to consumers – and with over 250 new features, early reviews are very favourable. Apple has a knack for instantly becoming a trend and consistently leading the popular technology charge.

        3. The Cloud – a cute buzz word for virtualization that has grown from just an IT term to mass consumer vernacular. Businesses are harnessing the internet to deliver services and host infrastructure instead of keeping servers in house. Independent consumers are jumping on the bandwagon with cloud app services from Microsoft and Amazon. It’s cost-effective and scalable…perfect for the rise of start-ups and small businesses in this economy.

        4. Spotify – Currently the world of online music is monopolized by iTunes , but that could change with the emergence of Spotify Instead of downloading songs onto your computer for a price, Spotify allows you access to an on demand streaming songbook of over 13 million tracks. The downside is that as of this week, Spotify is only available in certain countries and regions.   

        5. Invites – limited access, availability in specific areas and by invite only is the newest way to roll out a product or feature. It creates a frenzy, a la Google+ whereby people are clamoring to be the ‘first’ or ‘early adopters’ of the next big thing. Google+ will not be the last venture to use this method, it’s a new trend…and it’s working.

        There are plenty more hot items of discussion. How will Facebook stay on top? What will Justin Timberlake do with the floundering MySpace? How will RIM rebound? Once again, technology is the hottest topic this summer – enjoy the heat!

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