What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting: Small and Medium Sized Business Hosting Solutions

Virtual Private Servers refer to multiple dedicated virtual servers in a single powerful physical server. Once the physical server is divided, each logical server can run an operating system and applications independently with advantages over traditional physical environments.

Virtualization proves itself as the premium hosting solution. Not only is it the center of every organization’s money-saving initiative but industry reports say that between 60% and 80% of IT departments are switching to a virtual environment. By reducing the numbers and types of servers that support business applications, companies are engaging in numerous significant benefits.

At Atum, we provide a custom solution designed for your unique business hosting needs. Virtual Private Servers are the perfect hosting solution for small to medium sized businesses accompanied by the promise of superior performance, reliability, and cost optimization. We eliminate the need to invest in hardware to have enterprise level performing environment. The VPS contains the same functionality and even more features as a more costly dedicated server all for a fraction of cost.

Why should I switch if I’m satisfied with my physical server?

Physical Shared

Physical Dedicated

Virtualy Shared

Dedicated RAM, CPU, Hard drive checkmark
Instantaneous Recovery checkmark
Instant Daily Snapshot Backup checkmark
Instant Resource Allocation checkmark
Anti-virus & Backup Capabilities checkmark checkmark checkmark
Environmentally Friendly checkmark
Hosted Applications checkmark checkmark checkmark
Monitoring checkmark checkmark checkmark
Longer Life of your Legacy Storage checkmark
Lowers IT Costs checkmark
Independently Operating Servers checkmark checkmark

Benefits of Atum’s Premium VPS Plans

  • Cost-Effective

    The same features and functionality of a dedicated server for less. Each VPS runs its own independent operating system executing the same as a physical stand-alone server. Take a look at our custom plans starting from just $39.

  • Control

    With a VPS hosting plan, you have the ability to have the control you want of your servers. Each VPS has its own operating system, web/mail/FTP server, root access, applications, libraries, configuration files, memory, users and IP addresses. If required, you are able to reboot the server in less than 10 seconds as opposed to a physical dedicated server which can take up to 20 minutes.

  • Dedicated Resources and Staff

    With dedicated VPS hosting, you are isolated and do not experience the inconvenience of sharing resources. Enjoy the advantages of incredible response time, our speedy and knowledgeable tech support, customized server configurations, and more control.

  • Responsibility

    We take responsibility of your servers. Worry no more about your IT infrastructure and focus on your core business. We have all the equipment inside of our Tier 3 facility and provide you with guaranteed 100% network uptime. You will never experience an issue with your server that will put your business at a disadvantage.

  • Performance

    Performance is not an area your business that should suffer a disadvantage. Dedicated VPS hosting optimizes your server and databases ensuring fast, reliable performance. Your server experiences maximum security and speed running independently of its neighbours while you experience an increase in your business efficiency.

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring

    We have an underlying architecture that changes access points to prevent attacks. As Symantec partners, we work to ensure your servers stay protected by performing vulnerability scans on a regular basis and monitor the firewalls. We also proactively monitor patches and perform required updates designed to keep your server running 110%. With Atum, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your servers.

  • Custom Plans

    Made with you in mind, our VPS solutions are reliable and catered specifically to your business. Whether you are a growing small business or a large corporation, our VPS packages are flexible making our plans an ideal option for whatever your business requires.

  • IT Support

    Our IT experts are knowledgeable, experienced, and proactive. We won’t wait for a call from you to notify us with a server issue but our monitoring allows us to fix the issue before it becomes a problem. We are Microsoft Gold and Red Hat certified and we’re excited to share our expertise with you.

  • Superior Back-up

    VPS hosting is superior to physical server backup systems. In the event of an operating system failure, your back up will be running within minutes. We have RAID 5 back up that stores the same data on three separate disks which enables the data to be recovered in the event of a disk failure. This eliminates network downtime because even in the case of your server going down, it will be instantly recovered. We have the most up to date technology performing scheduled daily, weekly and monthly backup of your servers with the ability to restore custom databases as far as 6 months back. You are even given the option to back up your “backed up” files designed specifically to make you feel safe about your data.

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