Greenest Server Hosting Provider Winner

        Atum received bronze for Greenest Solution at this year’s CDN Elite Channel Awards!

        We’re ecstatic to announce that Atum is yet again a leader in green IT & green server hosting solutions! We are proud to announce that we received bronze in the Greenest Solution Provider (IT Business) CDN’s Channel Elite Awards sponsored by Dell, Tech Data and D-Link.

        CDN Channel Elite Awards recognizes IT Solution Providers for their innovation, leadership and commitment to creating value for their customers. The winners were announced at the CDN’s Channel Elite Awards Gala on September 16, 2010 in Toronto, Canada.  The gala designed to promote the business advantages that technology solutions can create and to recognize achievement in the channel.

        The Greenest Solution Award went to solutions that most effectively served to reduce the environmental impact. The winning solutions had effective ways of reducing energy consumption, the carbon footprint or the ecological impact of any business activity by demonstrating a less negative impact on the environment than alternative solutions.

        This past year, Atum has been very active in Green IT and green dedicated server hosting by providing virtual private server (VPS) hosting, educating businesses on the many benefits of virtual server hosting and helping them engage in going green and green IT. Atum helps primarily small to medium sized businesses virtualize their IT infrastructures through server consolidation. Virtualization is simple – it means doing more with less. Less resources used accompanied by more powerful hosting performance and security results in a win-win situation with benefiting not only the environment but also the small business. With a managed dedicated server hosting the business experiences all the advantages of a physical dedicated server hosting (plus more!) for a fraction of the cost and produces a significantly smaller environmental footprint. Atum creates awareness around server hosting green and that Green IT is no longer just good for the environment; it’s also good for business.

        As you already know if you browsed around our website, John Posan of Atum was a proud speaker at the 2010 annual Canadian Pollution Prevention Roundtable representing the IT industry and discussing the environmentally friendly way of business hosting.  We were also one of the four finalists from hundreds of national applications in the Quest for Canada’s Greenest IT that included searching for companies with a sustainability objectives, overall green IT corporate strategy, and personal passion for all things green.

        To get a better understanding of the IT and server hosting impact on the environment, let’s take the following into consideration. A small business is usually required to host on average 10 applications. Industry Canada reports that in 2001, there were 2, 190 278 small business in Canada. This means that if everyone followed a traditional IT infrastructure, there would have to be roughly 21, 902, 780 single physical servers just for the small business market segment.  Not to mention, the medium sized businesses and large corporations would each more than triple the final number!  It’s scary to even think about. It has also been stated that most servers are idle running at highest at or below 3% peak average utilization resulting in IT equipment accounting for 4% of global carbon emissions. Sure, 4% may not seem like much but if businesses continue to use traditional IT infrastructures reports show that by 2011, IT equipment would overtake air travel as a polluter.  Atum is able to offer a DEDICATED virtual server hosting solution that consolidates servers without disadvantages leading to increased performance, cost cutting and a decreased environmental footprint.

        Atum doesn’t just talk the Green IT virtualization talk and makes sure to engage in a variety of environmental incentives internally and with our clients. The greatest financial benefit Atum’s customers receive with Atum is the cost saving from virtualizing their IT infrastructures and engaging in dedicated virtual server hosting. The money saved can now be distributed to integral departments and allow the business to focus on core areas. As Atum takes care of the business IT needs, the customer has now more money and time dedicated to growing and flourishing.

        Atum also isn’t strictly a hosting provider and are a Microsoft and Citrix certified IT consultants. All of Atum’s VPS clients receive 20% off on their IT consulting requirements such as migration, system analysis, application troubleshooting, data recovery, and support. We like to develop relationships with clients that benefit their needs and remind them that server hosting with us benefits the environmental as well as their business.

        Another way Atum increases financial benefits for clients so that converting to green IT is easier is through our recycling program that purchases client’s hardware. If a client wants to switch to a virtual infrastructure but doesn’t know what to do with their physical servers, Atum will buy the servers either recycling them properly or reusing them in an effort to assist the client and the environment. Similarly, if a client is hesitant to switch to a dedicated VPS box, unlike many other hosting companies Atum will provide a 30 day no obligation trial to help make the change for the client easier.

        We truly believe virtualization is the future of server hosting that is able to benefit the environment greatly.

        Being green is a personal passion for us and we are proud to deliver these solutions. As a matter of fact we’re so green, our dress code for work is green only! Come check us out at 5255 Yonge St, Toronto ;)

        Go Atum!

        Thanks everyone! :)

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