Introducing Rapid Deploy for Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • What is Microsoft Dynamics GP and Atum Rapid Deploy?

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is a very powerful ERP product. Typically, organizations that have outgrown a “start-up” accounting package such as Quickbooks, Sage, Zoho Books, Freshbooks will start wanting more out of their accounting solution. ERP packages such as Dynamics GP come with much more than just basic AR/AP accounting functionality – they allow you to run your business and run critical reports.

    For small businesses the best method of implementing a new ERP is to start basic so that you can start recognizing some ROI quickly without having to invest much in either the implementation or software.

    We have created a turnkey package designed to get Microsoft Dynamics GP implemented fast with little investment so you can start recognizing the rewards quickly.

    Introducing Atum Rapid Deploy for Microsoft Dynamics GP which includes the following:

    • Installation of GP on server
    • Deployment of live, test, and sample companies
    • Configuration of general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banking modules
    • Setup of e-mail to allow e-mailing of documents directly to customers and vendors
    • Setup of document attach to attach supporting documents to transactions or vendor/customer records
    • 6 hours of functional training/support
    • Automated data import of customers, vendors, open transactions (optional)
    • Setup of intercompany to allow transactions between GP companies (if applicable)
    • Setup of multicurrency functions allow the use of multiple currencies and automate foreign exchange and revaluation processes (if applicable)
    • Dedicated project managers to keep clients informed and
    • Creation of income statement and balance sheet statement to match client’s requirements
    • Design session to tailor system to client’s needs
    • Project Plan to ensure project is delivered on time
    • Setup of users with security roles based on job function
    • Functional and Technical Questionnaires to gather requirements
    • Data import session to assist client with inputting their data in GP
    • Refresh of test companies for testing and training
    • 1 hour of IT training for system administrators


    Implementing ERP doesn’t have to be an expensive and unknown cost. For a total investment of $10,000 CAD, FIXED-PRICE; you will receive the above turn key implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. *Alternatively, financing available for $353/month for 3 years

    *Financing is only an estimate and is subject to approval by financing company.

    The only other cost is of course the software which you can also purchase through us for a discount. The Starter Pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you 3 full concurrent users (meaning you can have much more but only 3 logged in simultaneously) and the below features.

    Rapid Deploy for GP has been a very popular item – please reach out to us below so we can schedule a call to talk about how GP can shape your business for the better.

    Here are a few of the features you will receive with GP Rapid Deploy and starter pack, please reach out via the form above for questions. Remember GP has much more functionality available, please reach out to us for more information about other areas of GP that can be implemented outside of this package.

    Financial Management


    Track multiple budgets for multiple fiscal years in multiple currencies and General Ledger Accounts. Easily update and maintain budgets by leveraging Microsoft Excel to import and export. Also, get insight into your business by reporting budget verses actual by year, quarter or month. Keep an audit trail of who modifies a budget and when to maintain control over your business.


    Quickly transfer information between Receivables Management and Payables Management to create a customer record that uses information already available in a vendor record, and vice versa, giving a consolidated view of the vendor and customer relationships. Also easily combine customer accounts or vendor accounts.


    Maintain all of your financial journal entries and budgets with a double-entry accounting ledger that supports up to 999 periods. Track non-financial data like unit accounts at the general ledger level. Transfer account balances based on a variable account by percent or unit giving more flexibility to your general ledger. Easily copy and paste data from excel or text into general ledger.


    Set up and maintain relationships so that revenues or expenses incurred in one company can be tracked as “due to” or “due from” amounts in other companies. View and void distributions of intercompany transactions from other companies.


    Take control of multinational operations and manage currency transactions smoothly and efficiently with flexible, powerful multicurrency capabilities such as easy re-evaluation.


    National Accounts provides the ability to define a national account relationship between multiple customers. It enables a customer to be defined as the “parent” account to which “child” customers may be added. This allows a payment received from the parent company to be applied across any of the child customers’ payments. Credit documents can also be applied from the child customer to any other member of the national account.


    Automate routine and complex accounts payable tasks with real-time statistical history, easy reconciliation, account control, payment scheduling, and check printing. Receive warnings when an open purchase order exists. Track vendor details including multiple ship-to addresses, payment terms, credit limits, vendor items and more.


    Control your accounts receivable with automated processes for invoices, receipts, finance charges, and statements, including the ability to analyze customer activity. Setup and maintain customer records including credit limit, contact names, aging balances and more.


    Print refund checks for customers with credit balances, automatically debiting the customer and updating the ledger.

    Foundation Capabilities


    SBA supports exchange of information between Dynamics GP and other applications, such as Microsoft products, third party applications and mobile applications, using common standards. SBA services support operations in Financials, Inventory, Purchasing, Receivables, Requisitions, Administration and System. SBA easily connects systems to improve information exchange between departments, automate more lightweight processes and become responsive with their vendors.



    Track additional information related to transactions and contacts by attaching or scanning pictures, contracts, copies of invoices or other related information to records. In addition, reporting within Microsoft Excel extracts data and provides more context.


    Limit access to sensitive information by role through Role Based Security. Predefined roles come with the application to help organizations get started quickly, and to maintain separation of duties to reduce risk.


    Move processor-intensive tasks off the computers your employees use every day and onto dedicated process servers, thereby avoiding costly slowdowns.


    Allow your people to slice, dice and filter your business data to provide answers quicker through SmartLists, one of the most popular features in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Hundreds of SmartLists are built into the application and you can also edit them and build your own.


    Track transactions throughout the system with source documents that connect documents together giving users insight into where historical transactions flowed through the system.


    Microsoft Dynamics GP utilizes Microsoft SQL Server technology including the Microsoft SQL Server database, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. Database multi-tenancy reduces the number of SQL instances that may be required and simplifies the deployment. A SQL View builder enables fast and easier reporting.


    Help people work together by assigning and tracking tasks. Also setup reminders that proactively inform you when specific incidents occur such as customers going over their credit limit, short stock items, or payables due. Reminders are defined per user, so each user can get the reminders they need to be more proactive.


    Provide structured steps and approvals of business processes through native workflows that can be modified easily to your unique business needs. Workflows currently supported are General Ledger Batch, Receivables Batch, Payables Batch, Vendor, Purchase Order, Requisition, Employee, Time, Employee Profile, Employee Skills, Direct Deposit, W4 and Project Expense.



    Create, manage and reconcile from your checkbook ledger to the bank’s account records through a single, automated process across multiple currencies.



    Attach unlimited checkbooks to your bank, make bank transfers, enter General Ledger, Receivables Management, and Payables Management transactions, post batches, and build deposits for your bank transactions. You can also import your bank statements into Microsoft Dynamics GP, and reconcile transactions at any time.

    Business Intelligence and Reporting


    Gain powerful, role-specific insight with charts and graphs both inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP client and outside through a companion application, plus perform tasks and collaborate with others. View SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Excel and Management Reporter reports from one central location, giving the ability to access data from virtually anywhere. Business Analyzer is optimized for tablets powered by Windows, iOS and Android platforms.


    With over 300 built in Microsoft Excel reports that connect directly to the data source plus an Excel report buider, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a solid foundation to create reporting. Refreshable excel reports provide easy and quick access to latest data.

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      Watch this short whiteboard session to learn about the signs that your small or midsized business has outgrown a basic accounting system such as QuickBooks. This video applies to Microsoft’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products for small and mid sized businesses: Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics SL.