• How to Buy Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

    Microsoft delivers its business solutions through their Global Partner Network. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are here to provide you with information, answer any questions, and help you with your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and tailor a solution that fits your business requirements.

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is sold in bundled packages with a per-user price. Every user will have access to all of the modules in the Starter Pack and more functionalities can be found in the Extended Pack. Additional Packs are also available: Customization Pack, Extended Human Resource & Payroll, Financial Management (Collections) and SmartList Builder Pack.

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How Much Will Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Cost?

Pricing for Microsoft Dynamics GP starts at $5,000* and is broken down into packs.

* Prices are subject to change as per Microsoft’s current pricing list. 

Contact us for further information on pricing and packages.

Below is a list of packages and features available in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Starter Pack

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Starter Pack Functionality

  • Financial Management

    General Ledger with Advanced Financial Accounting (AFA):
    Keep up to date with all of your financial journal entries and budgets with a double-entry accounting ledger that can support 999 periods.  The general ledger system includes a fixed and variable allocation system, multi-dimensional analysis and supports recurring entries or journal templates for accelerated data input. 
    Account Level Security:
    Allow users to view, edit, and enter information from a limited account set. This is based on access granted for General Ledger accounts on a per-user basis improving security features and account views.  
    Cash Flow Management:
    Track, control, and accurately predict cash inflows and outflows with customizable views and forecasting tools. Your team will access a calendar that provides an easy way to gain insight into your cash inflows and outflows. 
    Fixed Asset Management:
    Enhance financial control and put your assets like buildings, machinery and equipment to the best possible use with tools that track, analyze, and manipulate fixed assets. Track depreciation for tax liabilities. Improve asset management by analyzing and tracking assets historically.
    Organize relationships in order to have incurred revenues or expenses to be tracked as “due to” or “due from” amounts in other companies.
    National Accounts:
    You’ll be able to define a national account relationship between multiple customers. This allows you to define a customer as a “parent” account where you can add other customers as a “child” account. This way, any payment received from a parent company can be applied to any child customers. Credit documents can also be applied from the child to a national account.
    Multicurrency Management:
    Flexible multicurrency capabilities will allow you to easily manage multinational operations and currency transactions.
    Analytical Accounting:
    Analyze financial data using any criteria you’d like which allows for greater reporting flexibility. You can track data with many different dimensions like region or profit center, without having to add complexity to your chart of accounts.
    Revenue/Expense Deferrals:
    You can make entries for future periods which simplifies deferring revenues or distributing expenses within the General Ledger, Payables Management, Receivables Management, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Invoicing.
    Bank Reconciliation:
    This module gives you the ability to track, manage, create, and reconcile from your checkbook ledger to your bank’s records within a single, automated procedure across many different currencies.
    Electronic Banking Suite:
    This allows you to integrate with your checkbooks electronically. It also includes ERM (Electronic Funds Transfer for Receivables Management), EPM (Electronic Funds Transfer for Payables Management), and EBR (Electronic Bank Reconciliation).
    Safe Pay:
    You can simply add Positive Pay functionality including daily exporting of checks for comparison by the bank when checks are presented for payment.
    Cashbook Bank Management:
    You’ll be able to attach unlimited checkbooks to your bank, make bank transfers, enter General Ledger, Payables Management, and Receivables Management transactions. You can import bank statements into Dynamics GP, reconcile transactions anytime, post batches, and build deposits.
    Electronic Bank Management:
    Simplify set up, maintenance, entry, and reconciliation for the transactions in your bank statement. This includes bank charges, cash receipts from debtors, and payments to creditors.
    Electronic Reconciliation Management:
    Through integration with Bank Reconciliation, you can automate electronic reconciliation and management for transactions, exceptions, and adjustments with tools that work with any bank that supports automatic reconciliation.
    Payables Management:
    Simplify complex accounts by automating routine accounts payable tasks using real-time history, payment scheduling, easy reconciliation, account control, and check printing. You will be able to track vendors and their credit limits, payment terms, different ship to addresses, vendor items, and more.
    Receivables Management:
    Gain better control of your accounts receivable by automating processes for invoices, statements, finance charges, and receipts. This enables you to analyze and track customer activities, maintain and set up customer records such as contact names, credit limits, aging balances, and much more.
    Customer/Vendor Consolidations:
    Easily transfer data between Payables Management and Receivables Management. This enables you to create customer records that use information that is already available in a vendor record and vice versa. This gives you a full view of the vendor and customer relationships combined.
    Lockbox Processing:
    You can import and apply customer payment information automatically from a lockbox transaction file given to you by your bank. This process provides better protection from fraud, improves funds availability, and gives reliable receivables information.
    Refund Checks: 
    This enables you to print refund checks for customers with credit balances, automatically debits the customer, and updates the ledger.
    Grant Management:
    Made for the public sector and not-for-profit organizations, this module allows you to automate the grant management processes to easily track funds, demonstrate accountability, and help attract future funding.
    Encumbrance Management:
    Streamline your period-end and year end reporting processes, locate and track budget information, and query current or historical encumbrances. Through encumbrance posting, you can control your purchasing process with limited effort.
    Field Level Security:
    This allows you to apply passwords, block access to forms, windows, and fields. You can also lock, hide, and disable fields.
    Dynamics Process Server:
    Avoid costly slowdowns by moving your processor-intensive tasks off of the workstations and onto dedicated process servers.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

    Unlimited Management Reporter Designer and Viewer User:
    Management Reporter allows you to create, distribute, and analyze financial statements. Included are user types that can design, generate, and view information which are secured by role. This gives users only the information that is most important to them.
    Analysis Cubes Library:
    The Analysis Cubes modules uses Microsoft SQL Server to enable you to analyze information from multiple angles and formats. The Analysis Cubes Library provides distribution cubes for Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, and Inventory. It also allows you to drill down to a more detailed transaction level.
    Advanced Analysis Cubes Library:
    The Advanced Analysis Cubes Library allows you to do more by giving you access to unlimited servers and companies. You will also have the ability to load cubes onto your own server.

    Human Resource Management

    Human Resource Unlimited Employees:
    Attract and retain talent with tools that offer employees better services. This module allows you to customize the hiring process, pay rates, scheduling, and performance evaluation tools.
    Payroll (US) Unlimited Employees:
    Automate payroll processing and give your staff the tools to better manage complex payroll requirements.
    Payroll (Canada) Unlimited Employees:
    Automate payroll processing and give your staff the tools to better manage complex payroll requirements.
    Payroll Direct Deposit
    This module allows you to add payroll funds to staff’s bank, savings, loan, or credit union accounts using an automated clearing house (ACH) file.
    Federal Magnetic Media:
    Generating Federal Magnetic Media files helps to ensure your company maintains full compliance with government reporting requirements.
    Payroll Connect:

    Eliminate the need to enter data more than once by automating data transfer from ADP/PC Payroll for Windows into General Ledger.

    Position Control:

    Manage and maintain human resources and labor budgets based on specific job functions. Use this data and apply throughout the HR and Payroll system to enforce the business rules and to better manage the movement of human resources throughout the company.

    HRM Self Service Suite:

    The HRM Self Service Suite allows your staff to update personal information, manage their absence and enter personal requests quickly and on their own time allowing them to spend more time focusing on their work and less on administrative tasks.

    Supply Chain Management


    The invoicing module improves your ability to manage sales and receivables. It allows you to streamline and automate the sales order process giving your sales people and customers a secure online access to review sales information and place orders.

    Sales Order Processing w/Advanced Invoicing:

    Automate the sales ordering process, control fulfillment and invoicing, minimize shipping and labor costs, track quotes, back orders, allow discounts per item and partial shipments, and consolidate orders into just one invoice.

    Extended Pricing:

    This module gives you flexibility in pricing and option rules for customers. It includes standard and personalized percentage-off, value off, and net pricing options. You can also implement date-sensitive functionality for sales and promotions.

    Order Management:

    Order Management extends the Business Portal to your extranet or Internet and allows customers to place, review and track their own orders.

    Inventory Control:

    Track inventory stock levels and costs and set prices based on each customer. This allows you to stay competitive and speed up fulfillment. This module includes multiple costing methods, tiered pricing, alternate vendors, and serial/lot tracking.

    Bill of Materials:

    Track components and subassemblies used in light manufacturing, similar production, and assembly operations allowing you to stay productive, agile and flexible.

    Purchase Order Processing/Receiving:

    This allows you to automate purchasing and approval processes, flexible extended pricing, and blanket purchase orders. Better manage your purchasing and receiving process by receiving partial shipments with discounts, landed costs and prepayments. Tolerance handling allows for greater flexibility by letting you receive items within a threshold percent of the purchase order.

    Landed Cost:

    Track and update the true cost related to an inventory item. You can also automatically assign or modify costs as items are received.

    PO Generator:

    Automate purchasing process by generating a suggested purchase order, with order point minimum or maximum settings that determine amount required needed based on sales, purchasing, and inventory information.

    Requisition Management:

    Lets people order resources needed to run the business with required approvals with Requisition Management offered through a Business Portal application.

    Time and Expense:

    Capture, review, and approve time sheets and expense reports for projects through the web. This enables quick, efficient and accurate customer invoicing and reimbursement for employees for out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Configuration & Development

    Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications:

    This allows you to modify the functionality and appearance of Dynamics GP or a dexterity-based third party window. You can also add new fields, change global resources to affect the entire application, and attach a VBA code for less complex business logic.

    Customization Site License:

    This license gives you the ability to deploy Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications solutions that are made by third parties if you do not have the license for the Modifier module.

    Integration Manager – Conversions:

    By using this integration tool, this enables you to import data into Microsoft Dynamics GP during your implementation. It is available for 240 days from the purchase date and is used for migrating data.

    Connector for Microsoft Dynamics:

    The Connector lets you link data for the most common touch points between the ERP and CRM system. You can add more connections by using the software development kit (SDK).

    Workspace Collaboration

    Unlimited Business Portal:

    Working on top of Microsoft SharePoint, the Unlimited Business Portal is intended for users who are not full users of Microsoft Dynamics GP enabling them to complete tasks and approvals associated to transactions.


    Multiple Language Pricing:
    Ideal for multi-national companies.

Extended Pack

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Extended Pack Functionality

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting

    Microsoft Forecaster Unlimited:

    Accurately forecast budgets while gaining better control of the full forecasting, budgeting and planning process that is integrated with Management Reporter. Organize plans dynamically and easily work together with your management team.

    Manufacturing Solutions

    Manufacturing Bill of Materials:

    Provide full, reliable, and up-to-date product information. Better manage materials, components, and assemblies more accurately – including costs, locations, and routing sequences – helping you achieve more control of finished goods, decrease costs, and increase efficiency and profitability.

    Manufacturing Order Processing:

    Track, manage, and maintain the whole cycle of order processing, which includes detailed production costs, routings, work orders, outsourcing, and work center definitions.

    Manufacturing Suite:

    The Manufacturing Suite provides Capacity Requirements Planning, Job Costing, Engineering Change Management, Sales Configurator, Quality Assurance, and Sales Forecasting all extending the manufacturing functionality.

    Master Production Scheduling:

    Bring together data from sales forecasts to form a single, complete production schedule to automatically create manufacturing orders.

    Materials Requirements Planning:

    Enable proactive planning, better procurement decisions, and accurate adjustments to production with flexible planning and analysis capabilities while being able to view material requirements and vendor information.

  • Customer Relationship Management (Different from Dynamics CRM)

    Contract Administration:

    Have the ability to maintain an unlimited amount of contracts with customers providing many different terms and services. Contracts provide functionality that is flexible and includes price books, profitability against service calls, and revenue recognition through five different ways.

    Service Call Management:

    Keep track, maintain, and update new and past service calls against a contract, service warranty, and current inventory. Execute time, manage customer schedules, escalate calls, and assign properly skilled technicians automatically.

    Depot Management:

    Easily track labor, parts, and expense information. Create a Parts Usage report, manage spare parts, and trunk-and-lot-tracked stock inventory.

    Preventive Maintenance:

    Accurately forecast purchasing and scheduling requirements based on time in service or product usage. Manage open service requests through preventive maintenance calls while also tracking specifics of Preventive Maintenance activities.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Distribution Suite:

    The Distribution Suite includes: inventory management, sales order processing, requisition management, advanced distribution, advanced picking, available to promise, demand planner, and order management.

    Available to Promise:

    This functionality determines when inventory will be available to sell by using purchasing, inventory and sales data helping to ensure the right inventory is available at the right time.

    Returns Management:

    This enables you to generate returns from historical customer invoices, service calls, or even manually. You can return the item to the vendor, fix it internally, and then automatically transfer the item(s) from your returns warehouse to the main warehouse.

    Project Management

    Project Accounting:

    Gain tighter control of costs, project direction, execution, and budget. Ensure precise billing and accounting by having tight integration with financials, inventory, and accounts receivable.

Additional Functionality

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Perpetual Additional Functionality

  • Customization Pack

    The Customization Pack is for customers who want to integrate or customize the application. It includes all of the necessary tools to make deep integrations with other products and make customizations that go beyond the application in order to meet specific business needs.

    Integration Suite:

    The Integration Suite includes the tools used to import data from other applications. There are different functionalities for each tool that fits the needs of each of the skills including Integration Manager-Distribution, Integration Manager-Financials, eConnect, and Web Services.

    Customization Suite:

    This includes all of the tools needed to customize the solution to meet specific business needs. The tools included are Web Services, eConnect, Microsoft Visual Studio® SDK, and Dexterity.

    SmartList Builder Pack

    SmartList is a popular Ad-Hoc reporting feature in Dynamics GP 2013. The following modules enable you to create rich reports without a developer.

    SmartList Builder:

    This allows you to create custom views of filtered information with SmartLists. You can extend these views by adding data from different sources including customizations and ISV products using SmartList Builder.

    Excel Report Builder:

    There are over 200 built in Microsoft Excel reports that link directly to the data source. Through the Excel Report Builder, you have the ability to add additional information to reports for multiple sources including customizations and ISV products.

    Navigation List Builder:

    This feature lets you include exactly the data that you want whether it be from a table in Dynamics GP, a third party product, and external SQL tables and views. It retrieves only the information you select which helps to speed up the list performance.

    Drill Down Builder:

    The Drill Down Builder allows you to drill right into the Microsoft Dynamics GP screen related to the data that you are viewing in an Excel report. It helps you dig into the information you want giving you the exact data you need.

  • Extended Human Resource & Payroll

    This extended functionality provides specific features that give organizations more flexibility in how companies manage and pay their employees.

    HR Advance:

    This module allows you to track critical health and wellness information. It will help you monitor the well-being of your staff while ensuring government compliance. You can also manage employee certifications, and license and training requirements.

    Payroll Advance:

    This extends Payroll capabilities by providing Pay Policy Manager, Labor Accrual Manager, Advanced Labor Reporting, and Payroll Hours to General Ledger functionality.

    PTO Manager:

    Keep track of changing vacation and sick time policies easily and accurately by automating the process.

    Benefits Self Service–United States:

    By moving the benefit process online, including yearly benefits, change of status, and more, you can reduce paperwork and manual entry.

    Financial Management

    Collections Management:

    With personalized and customizable information views and automated bad debt management tools, you can minimize collections workload, improve your cash flow, and reduce bad debt expense.

Download Microsoft Dynamics GP Functionality Guide
This functionality guide provides a brief description of each module available in Microsoft Dynamics GP
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