• Are you looking for a tool that allows your business to grow now and in the future?

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that provides an end-to-end and scalable solution that meets the unique needs of your growing business. It connects the many moving parts of your organization giving you complete visibility and control over your business.

    To reach your goals for future growth, you need a system that is able to scale as your business gets bigger. Microsoft Dynamics GP not only grows with your business; it also replaces your undersized accounting system fueling productivity and allowing you to better handle many areas of your organization.

  • Grow your business with confidence

    For over 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has delivered comprehensive business solutions to over 45,000 companies worldwide. Going beyond a traditional ERP solution or accounting software, Dynamics GP is a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools that connect every area of your business. It delivers long-term value by providing a solution that is simple to use, easily connects with other business applications and the Microsoft tools that you already use.

    Increase your margins

    The ability to make quick and informed decisions directly impacts your bottom line. Dynamics GP lets you and your people make smart decisions across your organization helping you decrease costs and turn margins into cash flow. It allows you to optimize your resources by identifying and targeting your top customers, providing them with better service and drive new sales opportunities. You can gain efficiencies by automating purchasing processes, streamline supply chain processes and inventory management which help to reduce operational costs.

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  • Gain better control over your business

    Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you complete visibility into your business’ performance. The system drives decision-making processes and helps your employees become more efficient and proactive ensuring that they are equipped with the right tools to make quick and informed decisions. Dynamics GP delivers forward-looking insights helping you identify and capitalize on new opportunities.

    Help your people work better, faster, and smarter

    Microsoft Dynamics GP is easy to learn and simple to use. It gives your people fast access to information using existing Microsoft tools giving them a familiar user experience. They’ll get up and running quickly without any steep learning curves. Designed to boost productivity, Dynamics GP also works with the systems you already have in place without complex and costly implementation.

Industry-specific solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Microsoft Dynamics GP for Construction

The construction industry is faced with many pressures. In order to thrive in the face of demanding customers, continuously rising costs, and a scarcity of qualified labor, contractors need to be equipped with the right operational tools. Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP software for the construction industry that delivers project and financial management tools to small and midsize constructions firms.

Owner relationship management

  • Keep accurate and consistent communication with customers.
  • Easily create and track contracts and proposals.
  • Offer a single point of contact for each customer.
  • Modify business strategy quickly for maximum performance.
  • Create and enhance targeted sales strategies.
  • Offer project owners access to key data.

Project management

  • Maintain revenue and expenses from the initial budget through to the close of the project even before the accounting period closes.
  • Simplify repetitive administrative tasks through automation.
  • Enhance management and job site communications.
  • Determine impact of change orders.


  • Easily make materials, project, and service management models.
  • Identify and track trends.
  • Inform decision making.

Business intelligence

  • Easily access information about market conditions and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Risk management

  • See and react quickly to possible problems.
  • With real-time information, you can better identify potential risks.


  • Reduce costs of training.
  • Gain greater return on investment.
  • Decrease any risks from implementation.
  • Dig deep into your data.
  • Easy integration with other Microsoft products


Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

With new globalization trends, new cross-sell capabilities, and ever-changing third-party logistics, the distribution industry is constantly evolving. Organizations need to understand pressures their industry faces and have a strong customer focus.

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows small to midsize distribution companies effectively manage inventory, gain a deeper insight and improve their distribution and supply chain processes. By making improvements in these areas, you can enhance efficiency, transparency, and traceability.

Supply chain management

  • Effectively manage and maintain the many moving parts of the process.
  • Track raw materials throughout all the stages.
  • Through a Web portal, provide availability and delivery times of products.

Inventory management

  • Keep track of real-time data.
  • Scanners and bar codes help to decrease errors.
  • Fulfill orders on-time.
  • Plan for future needs with critical forecasting.
  • Improve picking methods, layout, and movement processes.

Business intelligence and analysis

  • Offer easy access to all critical information.
  • Benefit from online analytics processing (OLAP) applications.

Business management

  • Attain company-wide agility and coordination with ease.
  • Help reduce costs by improving operational efficiency.
  • Automate manual, time-consuming processes throughout your business.
  • Increase profitability by focusing on efficient operations.
  • Improve flexibility and easily implement new strategies and opportunities.

Financial management

  • Automate transaction processing and payment adjustments to improve efficiency.
  • Gain complete audit control and improve financial controls.
  • Manage financial data with flexible accounting structures.
  • Build budget templates through Excel.
  • Perform a dimensional analysis of sales, financial, and purchase transactions.
  • Streamline payables/receivables management.


Microsoft Dynamics GP for Education

Government reporting and accounting standards create many operational challenges for educational institutions. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides educational institutions a solution to help manage finances, students, alumni, and much more. Applications within Dynamics GP work like other Microsoft products that many are familiar with reducing any risks inherent with implementing a new solution. It will simplify processes allowing you to easily deliver reports on time, reduce overhead through automation, and remain in control with quick access to data.

Financial management

  • Increase collaboration by connecting financial, human resources, and payroll systems to share data.
  • Update and maintain contract start and end dates for teachers.
  • Proactively maintain and keep track of budgets.
  • Efficiently manage various compensation packages.
  • Easily perform accurate interfund accounting.


  • Help ensure compliance with GASB-34 and other requirements from the government.
  • Create precise financial statements.


  • Generate and provide relevant financial reports.
  • Simplify period-end reporting.


  • Keep track of online requisitions as commitments.
  • Create tighter control of budgets without stalling purchase order processes.

Grant management

  • Provide up-to-date information on grant status.
  • Keep track and maintain usage of grant costs and grant funding.
  • Deliver budget integrity for each dollar spent.
  • Provide precise data to auditors.

Student records

  • Ensure transparency of student information.
  • Easily locate each student record or aggregated enrollment information.
  • Provide students with information reports and curriculum data easily and securely over the Web.


Microsoft Dynamics GP for Government Agencies

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps government agencies to focus on operations instead of technology. This ERP system will allow you to better manage budgets and grants, adhere to regulations and controls, and simplify accounting processes helping you spend less time on accounting and funding processes.

Interfund accounting

  • Easily manage interfund transfers
  • Conduct fund transfers without manual entry or reconciliation processes
  • Maintain accurate account balances
  • Automatically confirm that fund accounts are balanced through automatic transaction analysis
  • Take advantage of seamless integration with Intercompany and General Ledger programs

Account management

  • See your financials in more detail
  • Display all details of payables in one window
  • Make each report segment to represent a fund, program, division, or cost center
  • Easily drill down into details of each segment
  • Ensure accurate reporting at month end

Encumbrance management

  • Make sure budgets remain within their limits
  • Allocate funds correctly
  • Manage budgets proactively
  • Track and review encumbrances any time
  • Evaluate budget information through integration with purchase order processing
  • Streamline year-end reporting

Commitments management

  • Track and maintain purchase orders as commitments against budgets.
  • Keep up-to-date with status and activity in progress.
  • Keep a tighter control on budgets without slowing down purchase order processes.
  • Automatic alerts help you stay on track.
  • Decrease processing time with automatic alerts.
  • Simplify outstanding online requisition transfers

Grant management

  • Track budgets and daily expenses
  • Enhance decision making by accessing real-time accounting data
  • Promote sponsor accountability
  • Gain tight control over the success of projects and funding
  • Identify your current budget status and be automatically updated


Microsoft Dynamics GP for Healthcare Organizations

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables healthcare organizations to deliver a more cost-effective system by creating a solution that greatly improves business and financial processes. It lets hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities to exchange and standardize financial information between each entity.

Financial management

  • Deliver strong financial controls and audit trails.
  • Easily adapt to constantly changing needs.
  • Quickly drill down from summary information to the data.
  • Answer specific business questions by delivering customized reports.
  • Manage and create forecasts and budgets.
  • Shorten budget cycle.

Accounts payable

  • Analyze and monitor extensive vendor information.
  • Efficiently manage and process payables.
  • Maximize cash flow and make the most of discounts from vendors.

Fixed assets

  • Easily track, record, and create reports on capital assets.
  • Gain better control of asset retirement and transfer.
  • Obtain full drill-down right into the original vendor invoice.

Human resources management (HRM)

  • Streamline recording, maintaining, storing, and accessing employee information.
  • Automate tasks for payroll.
  • Keep track of applicant references, skills, education, and other valuable interview information.
  • Decrease administrative costs by using HRM self-service.

Materials management

  • Ensure delivery of the right supplies to the right place at the right time.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Gain deeper insight into material requirements.
  • Decrease stock outages.
  • Proactively lower inventory costs.

Cost control

  • Simplify processes.
  • Significantly increase efficiency.
  • Easily and simply exchange financial information between organizations.


  • Achieve and maintain compliance with a wide range of regulations.
  • Implement important procedures and practices throughout your company.
  • Capture and store changes to all electronic documents and data.

High Tech & Electronics

Microsoft Dynamics GP for High-tech and Electronics Manufacturing

High-tech and Electronics companies need the ability to improve supply chains, reduce the time-to market for new products while differentiating current products with additional services. Their business needs to be agile and quick to be able to succeed. Microsoft Dynamics GP enables companies to better address these challenges through integrated capabilities for distribution, financial management, project accounting, manufacturing, business analytics, human resource management, and customer relationship management. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers deep insight that allows you to make better business decisions, helps you grow and lets you better manage your business.

Business management

  • Succeed in company-wide agility and enhance collaboration.
  • Enhance operational efficiency while driving down costs.
  • Automate manual and time-consuming processes in your organization.
  • Improve flexibility and easily implement new strategies and opportunities.
  • Boost profitability by focusing on efficient operations.

Sales forecasting

  • Evaluate sales for prior years.
  • Quickly revise projections.
  • From forecasts, create a Master Production Schedule (MPS).

Material Requirements Planning

  • Easy material needs planning with Material Requirements Planning (MRP) graphical user interface.
  • Use MRP Quantity Pegging to review the source of the demand.

Sales configuration

  • Streamline the order process.
  • Improve your company’s ability to provide customized products.
  • Create a single bill of materials (BOM) which includes all options.
  • Easily calculate the costs of finished goods.
  • Estimate the manufacturing completion date. 

Manufacturing order processing

  • Recognize routings that meet specific criteria.
  • Keep track of labor and capacity of machine, skills of workers, shift schedules, as well as fixed and variable overhead.
  • See trends that need addressing during production.

Bills of materials (BOMs)

  • Maintain active BOM for finished goods.
  • Quickly update entries, save revision histories, edit revision levels, and change BOM categories.
  • Track the most critical components of subassemblies by creating phantom BOMs.

Quality assurance

  • Keep track of quality issues with raw materials.
  • Define procedures step-by-step, tables of acceptable quality levels, and disposition codes.
  • Make use of flexible sampling procedures.

Job costing

  • See variances and unreasonable cost contributors by using extensive analysis tools.
  • Get rid of error-prone duplicate entries.

Materials management

  • Deliver comprehensive inventory tracking.
  • Drive down costs by managing and simplifying entire chain of requisitions and approvals.
  • Make sure that inventory is available where needed.

Financial management

  • Automate transaction processing and payment adjustments to enhance productivity.
  • Improve control over financials with complete audit control.
  • Flexible accounting processes and structures allow for more organized financial information.
  • Create budget templates on Excel.
  • Put together refreshable reports for decision-makers.
  • Streamline payables/receivables management.

Customer relationship management (CRM).

  • Take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics GP integration.
  • Make sure data across teams and departments are accurate and consistent.

Not For Profit

Microsoft Dynamics GP for not-for-profit organizations

Microsoft Dynamics GP enables not-for-profit organizations to spend more time securing grants while reducing time handling technology and processes. By providing powerful tools, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you better manage the four most important areas of the public-sector and not-for-profit agencies: funding, grants, encumbrances, and commitments.

Financial management

  • Improve efficiency.
  • Review and monitor expenditures against budgets.
  • Easily assign projects, users and general ledger accounts.

Grant management

  • Compare actual-versus-budget.
  • Avoid overspending through automated warnings.


  • Summarize your company’s most important data automatically.
  • Simplify continuous expense reporting.
  • Decrease errors.

Encumbrance management

  • Effectively manage encumbrances so that actual expenses do not go beyond appropriations.

Commitments management

  • Decrease the amount of budget surprises.
  • Support financial integrity.
  • Include committed purchases to financial reports.

Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics GP business software for Professional Services Organizations

Keeping track of all areas of a contract or project is a huge challenge for organizations in the professional services industry. It is sometimes tough trying to measure the amount of project completion and poor resource management can turn an expected profitable year into one filled with unmet expectations.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides professional services companies with the right tools to drive decision making, realize quick return on investments, and allows them to focus on providing dedicated customer service.

Project management

  • Stay in control of contracts, projects, and jobs starting from initial quote all the way to billing.
  • Gain a precise picture of a project’s status and ensure you meet scheduled deadlines.
  • Maintain and gain access to all activities, information, costs, budgets, and billings.
  • Use reusable templates to simplify and automate your business processes.

Financial management

  • Reduce the time and effort spent on accounting tasks.
  • Track the true costs of a project.
  • Enter, edit, and approve detailed time and expense transactions when they happen.
  • Report expenses in the field through a Web-based application.
  • Install flexible budgeting processes business-wide.

Employee management

  • Effectively manage your teams through communication portals and Web-based collaboration tools.
  • Quickly respond to management and employee requests.
  • Keep track of each employee’s information.
  • Streamline administration of benefits.


  • Accurately bill fees.
  • Easily create fee structures that are predefined.
  • Customize billing and invoice formats for each project.

Reporting and business intelligence

  • Create and alter all required forms and reports.
  • Create financial statements easily on a traditional or cash accrual basis.
  • Publish reports by using flexible scheduling and delivery options.
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