Give VPS a Try…for free!

        Need some time to think before you purchase your VPS from Atum?

        We thought so.

        The decision can be tough, it’s not like we’re the ONLY company offering VPS solutions… It can be difficult to find the ‘right fit’.

        That’s why there are change rooms in every clothing store, and you test drive any car before you buy it. You need hands on reassurance that the product is right for you.

        Atum wants to give you a chance to take our VPS for a spin! We give potential clients a 15 day totally FREE VPS Trial, allowing you the opportunity to experience the performance, speed, and functionality of the product before you sign a contract. Even once you’ve signed up for the service, we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee… no questions asked.

        We WANT you to see exactly what you can expect from our VPS service. We’re proud of it. We also know that just like you would never buy a car without driving it, or buy shoes without trying them on… you shouldn’t be expected to buy a service sight unseen.

        Let us prove that our guaranteed uptime, lightning fast speeds, high quality performance, premium hardware and Tier 3 level security makes a DIFFERENCE!

        Want to take a test drive of our Award Winning VPS? Sign up today!

        …. Here are your keys!

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