Get the Most From Your Host

        Looking for more than just web hosting?

        We don’t want to be just a ‘hosting company’. There are plenty of those. There’s a line up to the moon of hosting companies who will give you a “one size fits all” package, let you pay your bill  every month but never provide or offer any ‘add on’ services.

        Atum wants you to customize your plan with add-on services tailored to your needs as your website, business or infrastructure requirements evolve. Maybe you need help migrating to a virtual environment, maybe you require backups and upgrades to be performed, maybe the success of your business relies on 24/7 monitoring and a Tier 3 security guarantee. These features come with our Managed packages, and can be modified and ‘made to order’ to fit your specifications to a tee!

        Our office is full of technology experts and qualified IT professionals dedicated to providing the best services available. If we were just a hosting company we wouldn’t bother hiring these guys! Our Pros will not only find and advise on the best solution, they will get the work done too! Everything from Windows or Linux administration, Citrix assistance, Staff training or an Exchange deployment – our team is qualified to take on any IT requirement.

        If hosting is what you’re after – take advantage of our premium VPS options and enhanced managed features. If you’re looking to go one step further, explore the innovative ways you can work with Atum and profit from our custom IT solutions.

        Get more from your hosting company; ask us for a different kind of solution today.

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