Get Good Hosting, Before Things Go Bad.

        Chances are you’ll KNOW when you need better hosting. It hits you like a ton of bricks at the worst possible moment.

        When your e-commerce site goes down for a few hours (or days!) and you lose business, when your servers crash and your email goes down, when you run out of resources and have to make a huge investment in updated server hardware to continue to grow…

        We’ve heard a lot of extreme situations. Server crashes, data destruction, costly outages and downtime. Those are DEFINITELY the conditions in which you search for a better solution. We’ve heard all of the horror stories!

        But why wait for a disaster to strike before making the switch? Set yourself up with better hosting and avoid major calamity. Avoid the cost of downtime, data loss and hardware replacement altogether by investing in a Virtual Private Server solution.

        VPS is high performance, and totally scalable. Which means as you grow, you don’t need to worry about replacing your hardware to keep up! VPS is secure and reliable – Atum hosts in a Tier 3 level data centre, and our managed package includes security features such as firewall protection, 24/7 monitoring, expert round the clock support and backups. Your servers won’t be crammed in a drafty server closet beside the mop and year’s supply of paper towel. Your data will be stored in a dedicated virtual server, in a bombproof, temperature controlled, military grade, enterprise level environment.


        Ask us how a VPS solution will save you money, and save you the headache.

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