Geek holiday office party etiquette

        By popular topic demand, we thought we’d share some holiday party etiquette that is based on experience. After all, us geeks sure know how to party and we’d like to make sure this isn’t you the next day:

        It’s that time of the year again.  Surely, it’s a great time to bond with your coworkers and management that you find friends in already. You seem them every day and share constant laughs; however, the difference is that these people are still your colleagues. These parties more often than not involve open bars and so comes the natural next questions:  What is the proper etiquette?

        Some things to consider:

        1) Don’t take advantage of the open bar.
        Sure you might want to let loose and lose count of the drinks consumed but try to think about the next morning. That feeling of awkwardness due to the forced dance you gave your CEO might not be worth it.

        2) Be careful with who you bring.
        Your date whether a significant other or a friend represents you. Make sure they don’t have a few too many and end up creating more stories for the office the next morning.

        3) Don’t change your personality drastically from the office to the party.
        Play the same role that you play in the office and an office party is not the time to unleash your “inner animal”. It’s important to keep your boundaries and look at this event as the perfect opportunity to network with work people, not to make them your drinking best friend.

        4) Dress to impress.
        Dressing better makes you feel better, lifting your spirits. An out-of-the-office party is the perfect opportunity to show off your style and personality.

        5) Keep the conversation light.
        Drinking more seems to make people more honest and for some reason it may seem appropriate to you to bring up some resentment about a certain situation or colleague. Think again – it is never appropriate to unleash your inner monologue, no matter how at ease you or others feel. Keep the awkwardness the next day down to a minimum.

        6) Don’t overstay your welcome.
        Don’t eat and run but also don’t stay on the dance floor until the lights come on. If you notice people leaving, start thinking about your route home as well.  

        7) Only attend a party to which you are personally invited.
        Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised! Some people really take the ‘you should join us at our holiday party’ line to heart. It’s best to RSVP and to follow up and make sure (if it’s a client’s party) that you are still on for attending the event.

        8 ) HAVE FUN.
        If you’re caught at a party replaying and reading the 7 rules we just gave you, you’re too uptight. These are just etiquette reminders that we hope will avoid you awkwardness the next day. After all, it’s called a holiday PARTY for a reason. So get out there, network, build connections and have a grand time!
        Hope this serves as a friendly reminder for everyone this festive season….

        Happy Holidays!


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