Feeling Secure in Your Network

        In the current ‘Spring Issue’ of the Atum Company Newsletter – we featured a discussion about information security. The topic generated a lot of interest among readers and has been a hot button subject all month.

        Some surprising security breaches, privacy violations and information leaks have wreaked havoc on very familiar and very trusted networks. News of leaked customer information plagued a large well-known electonics retailer. A wildly popular gaming network went down recently due to a system hacker, causing a complete system outage. Even the leader in smartphone technology had a hiccup in their privacy reputation when news of ‘location tracking’ surfaced.

        In a world where critical and personal information is stored virtually, without a tangible method of keeping it safe… how secure is your data?

        The CEO of Atum, Jason Williams,  has released the following statement in reference to the company’s privacy commitment to our clients:

        “Atum has always been very serious about security and privacy.  In fact, when Atum was founded 12 years ago, our focus was Network Vulnerability Assessment.  Over the years, our service offerings have evolved, but we have maintained security awareness as a core value of the company, and everything we do is with security in mind.”

        Our environment has changed; our lifestyle and business models rely on the use of the internet and virtualization. We can no longer simply lock away our valuables in a bullet proof safe. But you can still take precautions to guard yourself from these dangers. Be proactive – damage control is always messier than a pre-emptive strike. What’s the old saying? “It’s better to be safe than sorry”. Whether you are giving credit card info online, or virtually storing company data. Ask the right questions about your information storage and privacy whenever you give it out! Your business can’t take the risk, and neither can you.


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