Every Day is Earth Day!

        How are you celebrating Earth Day/Week/Month? Here are some ideas!

        • You could catch the latest Disney Nature flick, set to hit theatres on the “official” Earth Day, April 22nd.
        • You could pay more attention to where you’re putting that plastic wrapping, and choose the right receptacle.
        • You could contribute to the WWF, or adopt a highway.
        • You could dust off your bike and start cycling to work, or if that is too ambitious, join a carpool!
        • You may even throw a ‘green-themed’ party with mint cupcakes and green tea.

        We have come a long way – awareness for the importance of eco-friendly initiatives has grown, and we are genuinely a more green-conscious people than we were in past decades. In my parents’ world, it was not uncommon to see people throw trash out of their moving vehicles without reservation!

        Small changes make larger impacts down the road. More than likely, the next generation will scoff at our wasteful usage of plastic bags.

        Atum is bursting with pride, and excited to announce that we have been featured in CDN Magazine, in an article listing the 2011 Top 10 Green Solution Providers in the country. Just in time for Earth Day! Our Director of Business Development, John Posan, was interviewed by the publication and gave insight into the services Atum provides that are driving the Green IT bandwagon into the future.

        For example, making the switch to Virtual Server Hosting allows companies the opportunity to get rid of their energy-consuming machines taking up space and power in-house. Atum also implements a Recycling Program that allows clients who are making the switch, to physically recycle their hardware in a safe, eco-friendly manner.

        We are honored, and will continue to commit to providing top-quality green solutions for our clients…not JUST for Earth Day!  

        So, Happy Earth Day/Week/Month – celebrate with us, by making your own commitment to going green both personally (by finally ditching plastic bags!) and professionally (by suggesting company-wide programs).

        Tell us what you’re doing, and let us know how we can help!


        1. Congratulations on being listed as a Green Solutions Provider! If we each play a small role in helping our planet we can be proud that we made a difference. While we are a firm that needs paper to run, we recycle it all the time, and we recycle our cartridges, we have blinds and curtains to control the temperature instead of turning to heat and air conditioning all the time. Our computers and desk lamps are on power bars so we unplug at night and save on the power drain that electronics cause. We too are doing our part! Great article!

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