Dynamics GP vs NAV vs AX Comparison

        When deciding on an ERP platform – it can be an overwhelming experience. So many options even within one product family such as Microsoft Dynamics. This article is aimed at a Dynamics GP vs NAV vs AX comparison!

        Each system has it’s advantages and disadvantages – this blog is aimed at giving you some basic guidance irrelevant of your business requirement. Our typical approach is to run a free diagnostic session with your organization to determine requirements – once we have those, we come back with options and a suggested platform. If you are interested in having us create you a free suggestion document that outlines requirements and which system is the best fit for them – please reach out to us at 416-410-8444 X1

        Here is a look at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Home Screen:

        GP Screenshot

        Dynamics GP

        Dynamics GP is the simple to learn, and cost friendly to implement.  The financial management, supply chain, and project accounting functions are most popular with our customers.  Many of our customers have an industry specific system where they conduct their operations, and use GP to track their finances, do their purchasing, and manage their billings.  Unsurprisingly, integrations to another system is very popular with this system and we have built number of them for our clients.  GP is not as flexible for customizations as the other products in the Dynamics family, but the popularity of the software means there’s hundreds of add-ons available to fulfill every business requirement. A new package that many customers have been taking advantage of is Rapid Deploy for Microsoft Dynamics GP. A turn key implementation of GP’s core for $10,000, see more HERE

         Dynamics NAV

        Our NAV customers are mostly product centric companies with complex supply chain or job costing requirements.  They manage a lot of inventory, and have complex sales and purchasing processes.  Although it is not a complete “all in one” solution, there is a number of add on available to fill any gaps in functionality.  The system has a flexible framework and can also be tailored for an organization through development and customizations.  NAV is usually implemented as a standalone system to handle both the financial and operational sides of the business.

        Dynamics AX

        Dynamics AX is designed to be an all in one enterprise solution covering all the needs of the organization.  It has capabilities beyond the other two products, and a lot of flexibility for customization’s, but its cost limits it to fairly large organizations.

        Dynamics GP Dynamics Nav Dynamics AX
        Company Size Small to Medium Small to Medium Enterprise
        Company Type All Product- centric companies All
        Deployment Timeframe 2-4 months 4-8 months 6-12 months
        Implementation cost Starting from $10,000 Starting from $80,000 Starting from $200,000


        Below are the functions we receive the most questions about from our customers.  We’ve built this table to help new customers determine where their company fits in the Dynamics family.  The table shows what’s available out of the box, capabilities can be added through add-ons or custom development.


        Dynamics GP Dynamics Nav Dynamics AX
        Financial Management  X  X  X
        Budgeting X X X
        Fixed and Variable allocations X X X
        Fixed Assets X X X
        Cost Accounting X X
        Multicurrency X X X
        Financial Dimensions X X X
        Multi-company X X X
        Multi language X X X
        Bank Reconciliation X X X
        Electronic Funds Transfer X X X
        Supply Chain Management
        Sales Orders X X X
        Returns Management X X X
        Sales Tax X X X
        Purchase Orders X X X
        Requisitions X X X
        Serialized inventory X X X
        Bins X X X
        Assembly X X X
        Inventory Transfers X X X
        Warehouse management X X
        Procurement and sourcing X
        Project Management
        Job Costing X X
        Project Accounting X X
        Employee Timesheets X X X
        Employee Expenses X X
        System-wide Capabilities
        Office 365 Integration X X X
        Microsoft user interface X X X
        Role tailored client X X X
        Industry specific solutions X
        Workflows X X X
        Web/mobile client X X X
        E-mail Integration X X X
        Document Management X X X
        Store management X
        Point of sale X
        Merchandising X
        Public Sector
        Grants Management X
        Fund based accounting X