Does Your Host Really Love You?

        February is the LOVE month – you’ll receive poetic Valentine cards, eat too much pink candy and run into hearts and cupids everywhere you turn. But here’s a question, how much LOVE are you getting from your hosting provider? Are you feeling the love, or is your relationship on the rocks?

        Consider the following:

        After the Honeymoon Stage is over… What remains? Your provider used to jump through hoops to ‘woo’ your heart and get your business. But after they ‘put a ring on it’ and had you sign a contract… has your relationship changed? Now that you’re a client, are you getting the same love and attention as when you were a prospect? Remember what you were promised, and make sure your provider is still the host you thought they’d be.

        Time to go on a date… Communication is key. If you haven’t actually spoken to your provider or account/sales manager, you might be having a communication breakdown. You know, like the moment you realize you haven’t said more than ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ to your significant other in a week? Same concept. Set up a phone ‘date’ or even an in person meeting to talk to your provider about updates, changes in your business, ideas and strategies for moving forward. Force them to engage with you person to person.

        Renew and renegotiate your vows. After years of ‘being together’, many partners renew their vows as a symbol of loyalty and commitment, but also to re-establish their promises to each other. If you haven’t been satisfied with the service, perhaps this would also be a good time to renegotiate certain terms. Some couples add in personal vows such as “I will always take the garbage out on Tuesdays” or “I will finish the basement by the time we retire”. In this case, talk to your provider about adding conditions or new clauses to your contract. If you aren’t feeling the love you need, request it!

        Or maybe you should ‘see other people’. Sometimes, when the love fades, you need to be free to look around for a more perfect match. Yes, there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Be careful not to jump ship too soon – be proactive in communicating your needs first. All the other fish in the sea will do what they can to seduce you, be wary of sharks dressed as dolphins! But if you aren’t feeling any love from your provider, there’s a chance your business, bottom line and growth rate will suffer- and life is too short.

        Be open to receiving love again…

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