Do I Need Managed Hosting?

        Has someone advised you to look into ‘Managed hosting’? Perhaps you’ve noticed that Atum offers ‘Managed VPS hosting’ but you’re still a little unsure about whether or not you NEED it. Well, maybe you do, maybe you don’t.  Managed hosting continues to be the BEST option for many people and many businesses… so how do you know if it’s the right option for you and your business?

        Check out the “Unmanaged vs Managed” chart for a visual breakdown of each Atum service.

        Still unsure? Ask youself these questions:

        “Who will manage my VPS?” – If you opt to buy unmanaged hosting, that’s all you’re getting. You are buying space on our top-notch VPS equipment in our Tier 3 datacentre. But do you have someone on staff or the knowledge yourself to handle the everyday VPS management? Our experts will take care of the upgrades, updates and even monitor your server 24/7. Who do you have in place that can manage those requirements, and at what cost?

        “Who is taking care of my data/infrastructure?”- is it you? Is it your IT staff of one? Maybe it’s a good idea to look into paying the extra $50 per month (Atum Managed Plan) to ‘hire’ experts to monitor, patch, run backups and fully secure your data. A Managed plan is SO popular with our clients because many small businesses are concerned with setting themselves up for scalable growth and need to make sure their infrastructure is secure and always ‘up’. A managed package eliminates the need for you or your IT team to lift a finger.

        “Should I be responsible for this stuff?”- You manage your business; you need the peace of mind to focus on the core aspects of growing and accelerating into the future. If you do not have a dedicated IT team in place, or people with experience managing servers and infrastructure – hire a virtual team to look after it for you. Don’t sweat the stuff you don’t need to sweat over. Let us help you by putting your data behind our high security firewall, performing all the necessary backups upgrades, updates and patches, monitoring your performance 24/7, and instantly providing you scalable solutions as you grow!

        Maybe, you just need the hosting. Or maybe, you need a professional all-in-one solution. Atum has both, so make sure you ask the right questions and find the solution that fits!

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