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Your all-in-one Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution can be out-of-the-box or completely customized to include: licensing, services, training, deployment, administration, maintenance and support.  Atum will provide add-on solutions to help you make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution by adding ongoing value to your investment.

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Based on reports of ROI, increased productivity and competitive pricing options, Customers, Press and industry analysts regard Microsoft Dynamics CRM as one of the best values in the industry.

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Host Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, On-Premise, or in the Atum Managed Cloud.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM


    Microsoft-hosted (US or Canada)
    Sales APP SMB Promo $48CAD/mo per user
    One-Module License $104CAD/mo per basic user
    Enterprise Plan 1 $125CAD/mo per basic user
    Team Member $6CAD/mo per basic user

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    • No hardware requirements
    • Automatically updated to newest version
    • Low up front cost


    • Data hosted in U.S.
    • How much data is being stored?
    • Reoccurring monthly cost

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM


    One-Time Costs: (New pricing coming in 2017)
    CRM Server License – $9,184 CAD 
    Professional User – $2,087 CAD  per user
    Basic User – $725 CAD per user 

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    • One-time cost aside from annual enhancement plan
    • Control over hardware
    • Keep system in existing datacenter


    • Higher up front cost
    • Upgrades have to be done manually
    • Must have or procure hardware

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Partner Hosted

    Hosted with Atum (Toronto location)
    Professional User: *Price changing in 2017, Contact Us*
    VPS Required 

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    • Hosted in Canada within Tier-3 datacenter
    • Can buy perpetual license or SPLA monthly license
    • No hardware requirement


    • Monthly cost for hosted infrastructure
    • Upgrades have to be done manually

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*Prices are subject to change as per Microsoft’s current pricing list. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers an average ROI of 243%

ROI Calculator 


Average ROI

Are you evaluating both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce?

Below are key differentiators that make Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 the better investment.

Price per user $125/user/month $78.82/user/month***
Cost to add collaboration tools $15/user/month from $3/user/month
Storage 1GB 5-20GB
Cost per GB for additional storage $3,000 $120
Outlook interface + Office 365 interoperability
Process-driven user experience
Dedicated database
99.9% financially back SLA
Industry standard development platform
No flipping between apps


***All pricing is subject to change

Want to compare Microsoft Dynamics CRM against Salesforce and Oracle?

  • Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Dynamics is sold and implemented through the Global Partner Network. Atum is a certified Microsoft Partner delivering local knowledge, industry-specific expertise, and add-on solutions customized to meet your unique business needs. We’ll get you up and running quickly and easily.

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